Sunday, January 16, 2011

If I Allowed But One Poem To Write (c)

If I Allowed But One Poem To Write

If allowed one poem to write
In my passage thru this world,
T’would be the Love within my Heart,
The Light within my Mind
Translated be for all to understand.

I come from a lineage of Poets,
A Race of bold and magic men,
Who used their tongues to spread the word
And sat by hearth with families and friends
Millenniums before one ever picked up pen.

The veil is thin, humankind is blind,
The struggle’s gone on too long,
Art, Beauty, Truth against the Avarice of Dark,
Each day grows dim, yet a promise still,
A glimmer, hope that Spirit nested deep within,

Will grind the tarmac on their soul to dust
To free their eyes to see
To free each one to be,
To feel the universe within
That pulsing beating muscle in their chest.

That all will see the beauty in each other,
In every stone and blade of grass,
In every bird in flight,
And like the smile of babies new
Will hear their spirits sing.

That those in power will relent, awake;
Their heart with true love filled;
Their lives an endless joy of truth,
So they will freely help make our world
A place called Paradise, without, within.

James Patrick Casey Jan 16, 2011 3:03p.m. Stone Ridge NY

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