Sunday, June 12, 2011

Were the Devil Alive Today Would He Work in a Lab Wearing a White Coat

The Devil is indeed a complex conglomerate of a Thought Form created from the many fears our Western Judaeo-Christian-Islamic-Pagan Culture had towards what was considered Irrational & Unpredictable and sculpted from former gods, goddesses, powers and forces that represented this 'dark' side of our nature. It's obvious to me that the development of our particular Western Culture Earth reality had decided en masse to take the road of specialization to the point where only the outer conscious mind is trusted and the 'masculine', rationalist, technological belief system to its extreme to explore what that would entail. That the inner consciousness, the unknown, the intuitive, the feminine, the dark, the very essence of the animal nature and natural instinct that man evolved out of is feared and represented by the dualistic forces of light and darkness, as we in the West have in a sense rejected Nature and our Animae as something to suppress like we suppressed women. It has resulted in a world where Nature is to be feared and vanquished, not seen as part of us. It has resulted in a new Religion, The Church of Scientism, where there is no afterlife, no divinity, no soul and that we were created from dead matter and evolved from Apes.
The Western Church & it's rulers have caused much havoc and horror by their politicalization of spiritual concepts and using them to manipulate Empires. But this Church did not bomb Hiroshima nor firebomb Dresden, nor create the technological nightmares of pollution and greed that has turned also the great experiment of America from a Democracy to a Corpocracy and imperiled the very Earth we live on. At least the Church offered it's believers a heaven or a hell and a direction of sorts to an afterlife. The Church of Scientism is a Church of Death that will "sacrifice the few" for the good of the All and offers no end game other than annihilation. That you only live once so take and do what you can now form of cynicism that offers only the progress of Technology and Materialism & the constantly new forms of toys as the only desirable way of Life. It has resulted in a new Hierarchy of Control, where 1% of the population own the majority of the wealth and the road to a new Feudalism. They revel in all the myriad forms that spiritual consciousness has splintered into with the various 'religious' belief systems that vie for which one is the best belief system, and hence some Neo-Pagans practice the same fury of hatred and ignorance of Christianity that they rejected in the Negative aspects of the Church when they left it. Instead of seeing the same practices & traditions in Christianity in the numerous saints and scholars and monks, they look to the Eastern versions of the same practices, or look back to some pseudo pre-Christian Golden Age.
I wonder how things would have turned out if the the political machine of the Roman church had lost out to the older Celtic Church, and its amalgam of the Pre-Christian European Druids who were open to any and all knowledge and wisdom with the original teachings of the Avatar Jeshua that we are all equal, can create our own reality, are part of God, should love ourselves first & then our neighbors the same, in which Women and Nature were not feared, and the old gods and goddesses were treated with respect, and granted their space and festivals had won out in the spiritual battle between the Celts and the Romans over who would retain control of these two new forms of how the Christ was interpreted. Unfortunately, the Roman Church with its purposely deceptive and revised history of Jesus, doctrines and falsifications and destruction of the true nature of what the Christ taught, won out and has in a sense caused such a vast rejection when its tenets and dogma and behaviour was proved to be false and oppressive, it has resulted in a sense with this new Church of Scientism, the new dominant power of belief, where Dead Matter is their god(That ice ball meteor rock that hit our vulcanizing earth eventually resulting in the 'soup of life'), technology for technology's sake is their practice, Darwin is their Prophet and the commandment that "the end justifies the means". If their is a real Devil, he would be wearing a white coat in some research laboratory, torturing animals to see what effect the theories of Eugenics and Geo-Engineering would have on them purposely distorted to make this world a safer place for the 1% who will build their shelters to survive what they have unleashed upon our world. Fortunately, there are many of us who will not fall for this new idealogy of death, despair and destruction and are doing our best to enlighten people to a more positive and hopeful way of being and thinking, so that we will prevent these sad and despairing dogmatics from their mad, greedy path towards destruction, and manipulating its people into a new serfdom, to creating a safer and better world for us and our descendants.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


In response to an email from a good friend that our 'gut' makes us sick according to the latest, bestest, scientific report:
NO ONE MAKES US SICK. WE SICKEN OURSELVES BY OUR VERY BELIEFS. WE, US, YOU, I, THEM, THOSE influence our brain's behaviour. Our Mind is not our Brain. Our Brain is but a "computer" as Hawkins just recently said, & we are nothing after the computer dies. He didn't indicate if it was a PC or a MAC. But alas, poor Stephen, You will survive for an Eternity eating those words. Our Mind/Psyche/Soul/Personality Essence/ Focus Perceptionality will always survive as we are made up of living, conscious, indestructible Matter(Mother) and live in our Wave/Pattern(Father) Universes as the Divine Procreations of Matter & Pattern, so beyond any possible explanation that one, like the ancient Hebrew, Egyptian & Druidic priests said: "Fahget about it! Don't even try to go There.
It is Measureless & Indescribable & cannot be Named. Hence it is the "Unknown' or The "......" Being who can only be explained by the reflection that are we, the living Consciousness of infinite free will, and creative spontaneity. We must abandon blaming the outside for the Belief Systems thAT WE HOLD EVER SO TIGHT AS CEMENT WITHIN OURSELVES FOR ALL THE WHATEVER REASONS WE KNOW & THAT CLOUD OUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS & LIVES & BLAME WHAT IS OUTSIDE OF US FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE DEEP DOWN INSIDE OF US. We are not, evil, decrepit, sinful, stupid, dead matter. We have descended into HELL, but it is a hell of mental & emotional Blindness. The world is of OUR making. WE create OUR Reality. We as a People, as soul brothers & sisters, believe this is what it should be. We must now start to THINK/FEEL/BELIEVE in what we truly want for ourselves & what we truly want for our PLANET.
WE ARE THE EARTH. OUR VERY ATOMS THIS VERY MINUTE are interchanging continuously w/all the other atoms, and the tiny billion incredible particle waves that make up the atoms are all CONSCIOUS BEINGS that will never NOT exist because "nothing" does not or cannot exist. There is no void nor nothingness. It is an absolute impossibility. Otherwise I would not be texting you these words.
We must take back control of our Mind from the stupid, petty dogmas that the scientists, priests and politicians have expressed for us, as the outward manifestation/infestation of our very own world beliefs. We are responsible FOR OUR VERY THOUGHTS. WE ARE CHILDREN & COCREATORS OF THE indescribable infinite GODESSENCE-ALL-THAT-IS. It is up to us to make our world a better place by beginning now to THINK & BELIEVE & WANT & PRAY & PROGRAM for it. Everything that has ever been imagined exists: Angels, Faeries, Elemental, Saints, gods & goddesses. But there is NO EVIL. There is no SATAN or DEVIL except our own FEAR. The Devil is the fear that GodEssence All-That-Is does not LOVE us. But yet we get whatever we believe deep in our heart: Poverty, Sickness, War, Etc., because we create it en masse.
God-Essence-All That Is has given us this PLANET as a playground to explore all the infinite possibilities ever imaginable and more. We have drawn down deep into a solid perceptable "camouflage" planet where we imagine that it is the only real thing that exists. That is a true HELL. If we go one believing that aetheistic scientists will destroy our world with their creations or that fundamentalist religious folks will send us all to hell because we are inherently evil beings then that is what we will get until we wake up..
YOU, MY FRIEND ARE THE TICKET TO YOUR HAPPINESS. YOU ARE AN ETERNAL CHILD OF GODeSSENCE-All-That-Is. YOU ARE a tiny facet/hologram of the most amazing infinite crystal that has always existed and always will. WAKE UP!!!! PEOPLE!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!WE ARE GOD!!!!!!!If there's any screwing going on we are doing it to ourselves. Stop blaming others and other things. Learn how to be who you truly ARE. If You Ask, the Answer Will Come, & Slowly But Surely, Steady as a Rock to Show You Your True WAy. Not anyone else's way. Your Way. That is What you were created for!!!
Please do me a favor, you're all kinda of getting pretty miserable & boring. I came to this planet to laugh & have fun. Can we get on with the party? I want to dance. I want to sing. I want to write poetry and create art and make love and bring up amazing children who will change the world!!!
I want to bang on the drum & drink some good pure water or maybe some juice & seltzer or maybe some good red wine or maybe some good stout. I want all of you to party in whatever way you believe you need to party so you will have fun. Please let's stop with the lies, the conspiracies, the polluting, the bitching, the moaning, the greed, the "it's the other guy who's creating my reality" blues, and get It On, Now. Can you tell I just came from a hell of a Rockabilly Dance party at the High Falls Cafe? You better believe, Pilgrim. I have to stop expounding so forcefully and am going to stop or I'll go on all night. Dream On, Bro's & Sis's. Dream On. Love & Light: Casey

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Watevr Hapend 2 Gud Gramir & Riting Skils?

This Blog came about from a FB poet friend's thread on the so-called or possible death of High School English & Writing Skills. They were discussing that there is a loss of these writing skills which they feel are so important to survive in the world. These students don't know what a comma is or they hate the 'classics' or they write atrociously if they write at all, and find grammar boring.
Is this a sign of impending Doom? Or is it just the sign of a transition to a different type of world, which has always changed and 'evolved' and continues to do so, hopefully with good intention and a slow but steady improvement in its overall condition? Of course, one can perceive the world thru many different tinted lenses? Paranoid. Schizophrenic. Mad Scientist. Religious or Political Fanatic. Cultists. This same thing has happened numerous times before in prior civilations on our planet, and possibly if one has an open mind like the Vatican has recently indicated, on other planets & in other dimensions. It sometimes predicts the disintegration, dissolution of a Civilization, but then again it may be a wondrous harbinger of something new and different. Aren't you glad you are still not living in the world of the Roman Empire, where your trip to the local shop might mean you had to pass scores of crucified 'bad' individuals?
Something exciting is perhaps happening. A New Planet/World is emerging where all can communicate w/all. Technology is a tool, but the leading edges of Quantum Physics helped by the boost they received in the 70's perhaps, covertly, as apparently many physicists consulted her anonymously, from the Jane Roberts/Robert Butts Seth Material and their phenomenal search into the inner ego, dream worlds and the very essence of consciousness, have indicated that "Thoughts are Things" & that we create, as individuals & as societies & nations our Own Realities & that perhaps our children are already beyond the need for formal writing skills and communicate thru their 'hives' of techno-logical devices all of those skills necessary. Spelling is not important in Tweeter or Chat or E-mail or FB. Communication is. I know some of it is atrocious and we have not very 'intelligent' people making fools of themselves, but, they are trying to communicate their feelings & thoughts to others. Even the "Village Idiot" of yore today has a say.
The Universal Language folks dreamed about may be returning, but in a totally different form than realized. Language is a skill of our Mind and its vehicle, the Brain, preprogrammed as if there is a communication of ideas that are beyond letters & alphabet and sentences in written form, which is why very young children can learn a myriad of languages if taught them & think in different ones. Words, Structure & Grammar are just rules of the same but different game to communicate. Spelling is similar. Communication of an idea is what is paramount. Not the structure of a sentence which is different in order from language to language. We don't want our word Love or Peace to be translated as Hate or War.
The Druids of the Celts & the Proto-Celts(for the most part the ancestors of most Americans, at least the current majority) had a geiss against writing things down unless they were already memorized. The reason: A lot of prior Ancient Knowledge was lost & destroyed when the 'books', scrolls, etc., were destroyed. They were not against books or writing which Caesar's Roman troops & the early Catholic church idiots burned whereever found, until luckily St.Patrick had a vision & change of heart & then ordered his Monks to stop burning & to transcribe not only the surviving manuscripts & books but the oral traditions as well. The Druids, who were the educated class of the early Europeans & also the Teachers of Pythagoras & other famous Greeks used Greek letters for mundane writing such as grocery lists & bills of sale, etc. In fact the very term "Leaves" of a book comes from their Tree Alphabet(each letter was also the name of a tree as well as like Hebrew & Greek having a numerical value) of the Druids(a word that means: People of the Oak/Truth/ Their letter 'D' was called Duir(as in Derry)) for the 'Oak' tree from which we get our word Door. The Oak was considered a 'Doorway' to otherworlds & a powerful sentient being, as all trees were. They taught that we were originally educated & possibly related to the spirits of the Trees.) They would take the leaves of different trees and spell out words & chants & lessons by 'stringing' these leaves in their Sacred Groves. Their are still thousands of untranslated manuscripts in Old Irish sitting & collecting dust, alot to do with Natural Science / Magic / Unknown. Any scholars of Old Irish wish to take on such a task of translating? Contact me.
With our technological devices getting smaller & smaller, eventually it will lead to holding something very small in your hand, producing a 3-4 dimensional 'communication' perhaps the current preferred flat slate device, or a smaller tetrahedron, cube, sphere, trapezoid or whatever will produce whatever is needed from your thoughts or stuff to project to others. To, eventually, perhaps nothing at all but a sort of Telepathy where we imagine a holographic device by intoning a certain sound.
The English/American language has become such a predominant becuz it is an Eater of other Languages: German, Celtic(Briton-Welsh, Irish, Scots-Gaelic, Pictish), Danish, Norse, Latin, Norman-Celtic-Frankish "French", Dutch, Spanish, African & Indian Empire languages etc., etc.. Shakespeare(or whoever wrote the plays if not him, Bacon?)invented over 600 words.
Before the printing press writing was the milieu of Scribes & the Elite & powerful. For the rest of the people they only had the Oral Traditions passed down from ages unknown. They had to take the "Readers" reading as the 'Gospel Truth'. What scholars, scientists & religious folks call Myths are real History because they contain the very essence of the emotional, mental knowledge of each particular race,tribe, society, containing more actual knowledge of reality than the so-called written histories, which are much more like our network news, the perhaps skewed perception of one individual.
Oral (and written)Poetry is also a more realistic attempt to communicate 'things' that are beyond our narrow tunnel vision of 10% of our brain capacity & perceptive abilities, to en-lighten us as to our deeper reality, to inform us of the traces or truths our group or Collective(Un&)Consciousness are currently putting forth. They may also hint at or embody more deeper, ancestral knowledge of the true nature of our Creaturehood. Who we are in relation to ourselves, each other, our fellow animals, our plants and minerals, and indeed the very atoms that consistently & continuosly interchange with everything on our Earth, the very source of our 'sense' of being an 'Individual' among 'Many'.
The concept that our Earth is a Living Sentient Being could be explained as a very real 'Possibility' by comparing it by metaphor to our bodies with it's organs and blood and glands and bones and tissue, and so on and so on, miraculously functioning & breathing & talking without us having to make the commands: "Dick See, Jane Shit, Dick Walk, Jane Hear, Dick Digest, Jane Make Baby, Etc." When we want to go to the bathroom, we don't have to fill out endless forms(hopefully) to write out the various bodily commands necessary to make this a possibility, we just walk there as effortlessly as a leaf in the wind.
So, the question is, do we need to be in fear of anything that is going to happen, whether or not you believe you/I/we create our own reality? Suppose, like the "Indestructible" matter of our Atoms & their tiny particle/waves the best possible, most goodly intentional, most appropriate action will be taken because we live not in a "Dog eat Dog(which I've never seen), Survival of the Fittest World that came from some random dead ice ball rock matter that just accidently happened to hit our vulcanic rocking planet hovering around a sun star, all of which also were random accidents that just happened and Presto!, Bingo!, in a few million years stood Humankind in all its glorious Creaturehood?
On the other side of the same coin mindset do we need to believe we were created by an all-powerful God who made us as pre-corrupted, sinful creatures who must undergo pain and torture so that if we are 'lucky' enough to succeed in this game of evil, fear, endless murdering, rapine, greed, and then make it past the Supreme "Satan Devil" and his minions who are possibly more or almost as powerful than this God we believe in because they are watching every move we make and that if we don't listen to what our gurus tell us that the 'Jesus' or 'Christ' figure said, which seems to change according to the sect, cult or religious person is telling us He said, and that if we miss his concert in town or on Sunday that we are condemmed to an eternity of suffering? Is that a nice God?
He creates inferior souls who are born sinful & corrupt & who must play a dangerous, fear-full, temptation loaded game, with wild accidents & catastrophes that happen by a capricious 'Nature', or we forget that we're not supposed to like procreating our own species, or enjoying the things he has also created, and if we are lucky enuff to get thru all of this past Go, without going to Jail or paying a million dollars, we get to go hang out for eternity in someplace called Heaven which no one has ever come back and described? Is it cool, boring, whatever? And the rest of us suckers are just too inferior and have to suffer endlessly.
No, I don't believe that stuff. I'm not exactly sure of what actual Belief System I hold as the spontaneous nature of our free-will, 'safe' universe is still a crap shoot of sorts, but I do believe that we are part of some magnificent "THING", to use the Anglo-Saxon catch-all term that is incredibly beyond any of our wildest imaginations, which is why the Hebrews said you could not utter the name of this "......" because it is indescribable and possibly unknowable to our present consciousnesses. But I feel in the deepest infinite gut of my poetic being that it is a "......" or GodEssence All-That-Is who-which-what has created us and all that exists in a Cosmic Sense of Wondrous & Good & Beneficent Becomingness & we as a Species of Human Creaturehood have barely scratched at the surface of who we truly are. That we are the "EYES" of this "......" on our planet, and that we must trust in the inherent goodness and intention of our beings to create a world of magnificent splendor. I believe we may be coming into some sort of place like that within the next 50-60 years. I believe we are eternal beings of consciousness who have been given the gift of free will to create wondrous environments to dwell in, and if we screw up, we learn our lessons and move on. Yes the Unexpected is before us. The Unknowable is Now, the eternal Spacious Present as the 'personality essence' Seth described thru Jane Roberts. I have No Fear and Boldly look Beyond for the Joys and Adventures to come. May we put aside our Fears and grasp in Splendid Creaturehood together our unimaginable Selves and create a World far surpassing anyone that has ever existed before. "The Present is the Point of Power". NOW.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Was God An Ice Ball Lost In Space?

Never before has Humankind had such a vast perspective of what is going on in the World. Never before has our governments been under such scrutiny. Never before have so many people expressed their beliefs and desires politically & emotionally & sometimes practically. However, Our Perspective of the World, what we "Think of the World" is the most important part of it all. How we view and personify and dream and hope and plan and feel and think about the kind of world we want is more important than any Anchorperson or Bloggers viewpoint. "The results of Fanaticism are out in the open." Never before has the average person been able to see the whole world's events pass by and be able to identify the Warlords & the Empowered Social, Political & Corporate Criminals and be "forced to identify with the policies of his or her government. That in itself is a creative achievement, and means that..." we are not closing our " eyes to the inequities of the World."
This means that We as a species in our Collective (not un)"Consciousness" must program and feel and want and desire for things to improve a hundred-thousand fold, to even surpass the changes in or TO CHANGE OR DEMAND CHANGE or to ride along with our New Technologies. We own this world as a People formed from the very Matter of its Essence, the very Atoms of our Creaturehoods being formed and interchanged on a second to second basis even as you read this. WE ARE LITERALLY ALL CONNECTED ON THE ATOMIC AND SUB-ATOMIC LEVEL. We are all part and parcel of one and the same All-That-Is in its infinitely, spontaneous, creative, dream-rich, value fulfilling roller coaster ride and must take responsibility for the way we think or envision this World as we think it should be.
Our Leaders and Politicians and Dictators represent what we believe are necessary for us to survive. We must and are impelled to, considering the Grand Scale of the Negative treatment of Our Earth, to readjust our Belief Systems both in ourselves and in our Planet to turn the screw the other way. The Turning of the Screw. The altering of our Mindset. We are now in and have now the most incredible possibilities open to us a Species that has never, ever, been in place before in our His/herstory. We need to go beyond envisioning the destruction of our planet, and those who disagree with us.
We need to go beyond our separate 'socio-political-religous(or non) Beliefs to realize that WE ARE THE VERY CREATION OF WHAT WE HAVE CALLED GOD. WE ARE THE EYES AND THE VERY CONSCIOUSNESS OF THIS GOD. You may call it by whatever name you choose or give it whatever sex you want or call it the: "DEAD METEOR ICE BALL STONE THAT HITS EARTH AND FROM THIS DEAD MATTER COMES 'LIVING' AMINO ACID CHAINS THAT PRODUCE PROTEIN AND EVOLVE INTO THE INCREDIBLE BEINGS WE ARE, BUT WE HAVE NO IDEA WHO CREATED THE DEAD MATTER METEOR ICE BALL WITH ITS FROZEN WATER OR WHERE IT CAME FROM, or as I prefer, GodEssence All-That-Is. Gentle People: We are what we think we are. So are we going to start thinking we are great and amazing and creative and will solve all the worlds problems or NOT, not? Let's get our Dead Meteor Ice Ball Selves together!!! Whatya Say? Do I hear a YES? I'm waiting. {quotes available on request}

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pt 1:The True Meaning of Easter/Caisc(Ir.) Pt 2: The True Meaning of Evolution.


Sona An Chaisc !! {Irish for Happy Easter. Happy = Sona. Caisc = Easter. (See for reference:}

To me Easter is Spring, Rebirth, Resurrection, Renewal, Rejuvenation.

Jesus said if we do what He does we can become like Him. Are we doing that?

In any event, we are not dead matter that came out of nothingness(birth) and will evolve into a heaven (death or nothingness) but we will pass into an eternal becomingness that we have always existed in.

These two doors (Door from the Irish Duir/Derry for Oak) or doorways of Life are merely passages. Birth is a Death into Life, moreso than Death. We are eternal beings, Children of GodEssence, which is the True Message of Jesus. We only have to Awake, to Look Within, to find the Kingdom of Heaven. This is not easy, I'll admit. We are thrown into a narrow perspective of perception smaller than most of what our fellow creatures can perceive, but it is a purposeful journey to learn many things about our Soul/Mind/Creaturehood.

Heaven is not a static, boring, Paradise which stays the same for eternity. It is a Metaphor for our God-Given Free Will. A Free Willy, if you choose. It is an ever becoming spontaneous NOW. We are asleep in a sense, most of us, living in our day-to-day lives in this 'camouflage' reality, on our Earth, Lovely Gaia, for learning purposes, so that our Eternal Mind/Soul can experience all possible facets of existence, as if we were or are the Eyes of GodEssence All-That-Is or whatever you choose to call it. We have all chosen to come here. We are all responsible for what happens. There are no 'enemies'. There is no 'evil'.

There are mistakes and stupidity and ignorance and inappropriateness. All of us, down to the smallest particle/wave or unit of consciousness, sub atomic, bottom line basement protophoniphotonicon are eternal creations of something so vast and beyond comprehension that it is almost useless to go there from the tiny portion of the Brain that we have allowed our Mind to use. We all work together to maintain/create the bodies that we perceive we have and the world we have agreed upon visioning. It is the way it is because we all from the smallest to the tallest all agree to work together. You are so lucky that your cells and atoms are smart enough to keep you together, especially after the night before when you got so stupidly drunk or something and wake up still in the same shape of a body you were the day before. Is that some kind of Miracle or what? Oh, I get it. It's called the Law Of ElectroMagnetism. Who made this Law up little own who created it to begin with?

This is not a Rule etched in Stone or Steel, but a contract in a sense, one we have all accepted or agreed to. It is a sort of Cosmic Game in which if we choose, we can go beyond the tiny limits we have set and go for the Big Picture. For Door #3 for instance. Do not limit yourself from any of your education or teachings or possible brainwashing you have received from your own studies or from your parents, your school, your religion, your tribe, your race, your government, your friends or your media.

Unfortunately, many of our brightest have tried to recreate an alternative to the organized religions by sometimes creating organized religions they call by many names. They look back to a past of a Golden Age that did not exist in our own historical times but may have existed in prior civilations beyond our history or dimension. Some of them have become more dogmatic and hate-mongering than the religion they choose to replace. They 'Hate' Christianity, which has indeed a dismal past but tried its best and got us to where we are now. They do indeed throw the baby out with the bathwater, by trying to create new games and rituals partially based on what they believe non-Christians participated in. Some of these are wonderful and joyous. Some are just the same old same old. They make the same mistakes and seek without when they should be seeking within.

If I can paraphrase John Lennon: "We don't need no stinkin' religions." We just need to act like the children of God and Love ourselves and our neighbors. The rest will fall into place as lovely as the facets of a crystal or a diamond.

You have within yourself the Totality of All of Your Existence for you to explore and dream and adventure and create. To be Co-Creators. We have created this Earth and the limitations we put upon our selves. This is Our Project. We cannot blame our God or Goddess or GodEssence(All-That-Is) as I like to call IT for any of Our Decisions or 'mistakes'. Earth and we are the same. We all interchange our atoms and subatomic waves and particles on a continuing non-ending basis of a Nowness that makes us them and them us. This is our Mass Dream(and unfortunately to so many it is a mass nightmare).

Jesus was one of the Major Avatars or Beings or Wisemen or Coaches or Mentors or Gurus or Prophets or whatever term rings your psychic bell, who have tried to explain this to us. At this point don't even try to imagine what our creators' creators' creator etc. could be, because it is too far beyond our Earthly 'infant' Soulmindness, the part that is 'locked' into this 'camouflage' reality of our Universe, with its up & downs and North and Souths. And we haven't even touched on the Goddess part, you know, the "Mother of God". Like "Mother Mary" as I call her (My Jewish Mother Angel) who has gotten me out of some tight spots). Could I go on and on and "Oy Vey" we could talk about the Anima and the Animus, but dats too Jung a subject to discuss at this point since PassOver has passed over.

We are in a sense the Stars, and they are Us. We are the Atoms, and they are Us. How do you think an ordinary housefly with it's kaleidoscopic multi eye angles can travel about when we have but 2 optical openings to our retinas? Can the Fly be more advanced than we? Are we but one facet of this multiple eye we call our Soul/Mind? Do not be afraid of what is within your mind. There are no demons or monsters but fear. The 'Devil' is a creation of this Fear that many of us have projected and this fear gives this 'false' illusion power over us only because we agree to it. There are Phantasm Devils and Phantasm Demons and a Phantasm Satan. The folks who believe in these type of beings are in a sense "Devil Worshippers" because they give power to an illusion, a thought form they have created.

They Fear this "Satan' follows them around & watches their every move like some kind of Cosmic Cop who wants to catch them in a Speed Trap & give them a summons or a sentence to partial time in Purgatory Prison or , God Forbid, in the "Lifer" Zone of a "Life Sentence" to an Eternity in something called Hell. I mean don't you think even these so called 'devils' would get tired of poking & burning you after awhile? Wouldn't they get bored? Would they organize a Union & demand rights from "Satan". Who pays their salary? In fact what does this so-called Satan get out of this whole deal. They say he was once the #1 Angel, the Angel of Light, Lucifer or Light Fire. (Could he be the old Celtic Irish God of Light and Poetry and Creativity called Lugh(Lou)?

Wouldn't these devil demons demand some of the profit or cuts from all their devilmaking from the televangelists and their Fearmongering moneymaking endeavors? Wouldn't they too want to have a "Vacation?" Where would they go? Who would want to take them in? Would they even, perhaps want to be 'Good'? And give up being a stupid Devil or Demon?

Beware of anyone who tries to imbue you with Guilt or Fear or Regret or Anger or Envy. That is someone to avoid and disregard. They are Devil Creators.

But this Fear we talk about, this FEAR that we will end or disappear or become non-existent (Nothing does not & cannot exist as it is contradictory in terms and reality. Something cannot exist that does not exist.) is only our fear that we are not Loved By GodEssence All-That-Is and are unworthy. How can this Entity Creator Being of Absolute Love beyond Imagination create anything that is bad or evil or unworthy? You are allowed to do whatever you want. However, you must also know the rules of the Reality you are in so that you know the consequences of this bottomless free will. On our planet, you cannot get drunk and drive a car. This is one of the rules of our 'game'. On some other planets, or realities, perhaps you are not allowed to drive unless you are 'drunk'.

In any event, this New/Old Frontier called the Mind/Soul is available to each and every one of us no matter where we are or who we be. BUT! Can you have the patience and perserverance to go within your Mind and your Dreams to discover who You are? That is the real question of Easter. Can you rescusitate or Resurrect your Consciousness to its True Nature? Can you find You within yourself? Do you dare to seek and to search? If you do the Way will become known to you. The Time will be given to you. No drugs will be needed.

But there are some who will need to use some sort of chemicals to even cross the threshhold. Do not Judge them. If you choose this way, do not judge yourself. Druids, Shamans. Medicine Men, Priests & Priestesses & Holy Ones have used Sacred Foods & Beverages to kick start their adventure from time beyond time. Whiskey comes from the Irish word for Water, Uisce(pro.: Ush Ka) The alcoholic beverage was a Druidic sacramental beverage used by them, Bards & Poets to loosen the bindings of the Brain. That beverage was called Uisce Beatha(Ush Ka Ba Ha), meaning the Water of Life. But too many have abused these to their own detriment. You can do this without any of these drugs or alcohol or mushrooms or weeds if you choose. You will be the Amazing Explorer of Your Own True Nature. Good Luck Voyagers. And may you truly find your Holy Communion.

Part Two: The True Meaning of Evolution:

As far as evidence for the "Theory" of Evolution, there is absolutely no evidence of any species evolving into a different species. No 'missing link' has ever been found. It is all the speculation of closeminded, misguided, well intentioned, sometimes sad & cynical agnostics & aetheists. There is evidence of a species getting larger or smaller in line with the climate at the time as was recently shown in the limestone cliffs of England. In fact the evidence points to the "Durability" of species, such as the lowly lungfish and the cockroach, which have survived a million years w/out change. There is evidence to support that not always the 'strongest' or 'meanest' survive, but sometimes, the most gentlest, and sometimes most intelligent, weaker species. As far as DNA, it has not changed at all. The only thing that "evolves' is the belief systems of our Mind or Soul. Neo Darwinists belong to the Church of Scientism, a very closed brained, literal minded, naively realistic Religion, the opposite side of the coin of Religious Fundamentalism.

According to the Church of Scientism the world was not created by a God or an Intelligent Designer but "Living' protein chains of amino acids grew out of 'dead' matter that came from a random meteor from space that just coincidentally happened to hit earth at the right time and space. As to who created the dead matter that was on this solo space snowball they do not speak but defer to Cosmology. The very structure of DNA, which they constantly refer to is a 'Design'. The "ToE" is as dogmatic a theory as the Creationists' theories of a literal Bible. Never once has it ever, ever been called the FACT of Evolution. Why? Because according to believers, some theories hold more weight & are more pleasing to their mindset so therefore it is a 'Higher' Theory but a Theory, nevertheless. Only by going within our own consciousness and learning about our own precious eternal Mind/Soul can we ever get at the Truth of the Matter. The Truth is Mind Boggling. But the Truth will set you free.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


In A Dream Today I was asked to Give this to my Facebook Friends: "Be not afraid. Find a quiet place & breathe soft. Take your Time. If there are noises tell yourself that these will help to relax You. Breathe thru your Nose slow & deep as if you were a sleeping child. Go forth and enter into your own Mind. Look within the dark fabrics of your vision with your eyes closed. Relax. Light or Lights may appear or may not. Colors. Tiny Stars. Or deep dark rich Ebon, the Womb of Thought. Soon you will see or sense a beautiful forest. You are in the Safest place in Existence. Walk across the Green Meadow towards the Forest. There is a path. This is Your Path, no one elses. Follow the Path. Soon You will see a Wall of Stone & Green Ivy with a Magic Gate carved ornately with Gemstones and Polished Gold & Silver handles. Each one is different in design though some may look similar to ones of Others You know. This is your Gate. No one else. Do not be afraid. There may be Guardians on either side of the Gate to Protect the Entrance if You feel the need. These may be your Special Creatures who love You unconditionally. Open the Gate. Step within & close the Gate. Beyond You will be a wondrous structure which is the Palace or Citadel or Mansion or Lovely Home or Wee Small Cottage of your Soul. The Place You see will vary from Soul to Soul, as each of us have Our Own Unique Individuality. You will see this Place as a Vision that makes You Very Glad and Calm and Joyful. You feel you are Home. Your own Special Home reserved for you only. Within this there are many Amazing Rooms and Incredible Things and Visions of Fabulous Curiosity that you have garnered in Your Eternity of Timelessness as a Child of All-That-Is, as a Never-Ending Part of the Most High, the Eternal Now, the very Atoms that the Infinite Divinity, even now continues to Create thru You, the Perfect Child. You may or may not see someone who will Usher you thru the most Incredible Door. If you do it is the Entity you trust the Most. For some there may be Guardians on either side of the Door who protect It. You enter within. You will find Yourself in the Most Magnificent Place of Your Amazing Imagination, the Magic Paintbrush of Your Mind that constantly recreates you every instant as the beautiful Atoms of Millions of Consciousness Beings change and move thru Creation, making All of Us part of All of Us and Everything-There-Is. There is no nothingness. Nothing cannot exist. The closest to it is the pause between your inbreath and your outbreath, but this is a Mechanism of Creation. The Blink of an Eye. You are Gifted with a Free Will. This makes for an endless variation that never ends. In Your Domain there are endless rooms You can explore. But Now You will look for the Stairway. It may be in any direction. Go to and Take the Stairway thru this Amazing Splendor. It will take you to The Temple of Your Book. When you arrive at the top of the Stairway You will see the Light or Lights shining thru an EnTrance Way. Walk within. This is Your Space & will be unique to You. There you will find your Soul Book. It will look exactly as You have Imagined it to Be. It is only a Book, for you have all that it contains within You Now, but because of the Limitations we have chosen on our Planet, It will contain All the Answers You will ever Need or Want. It is a Gift from the Indescribable Eternal Existence Who has Created You. Some may or may not find a Librarian who will explain the nature of the Book & how to use it. Now You may ask questions and the Book will automatically open to give You the answer or answers You desire. You can spend as much Time and Space as You wish to do this, or are alloted to do so by the circumstances of Your present life. You may retrace Your steps or instantly return to Your Now, as You wish and circumstances demand. You have found the very Center of Your Souls Knowledge. You may return at anytime You choose. You may also explore the many other rooms Your Place contains. A good suggestion is to record what has happened on a device or simply take a pen or pencil and a Special Pad. I hope You have enjoyed Your Journey. I was Promised in My Dream that most of You will. Some will be too busy, and some will be afraid. Print this out & keep it for a time when You are ready, or print it for a reminder. it is FREE. We Are Free! We will soon free Our World from the Stupidity of Our Learning Processes. Do Not Hate Anyone or Anything Involved with anything or any venture that you do not like or fear or disagree with. It is all a part of a Grand Design, A Play, so to speak. We will Will our World to overcome all Our differences and Problems. Love All That Is. We interchange our Atoms with Everything that exists on this Planet in this Plane and Time every millisecond. Our Atoms are part of All the Atoms in Our entire World. THERE IS NO CHOICE. WE ALL ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. LOVE NOW or later. Thank You. James Patrick Casey. Not CopyWrighted. May be stolen or exchanged for FREE!
Sorry, I don't have time right now to do this as an audio but I could.

Sunday, April 17, 2011



I’m a three time loser and I ain’t gonna lie,
I saw my women three different times.
Smiling & holdin’ hands with an other guy.(poss. chorus)

I can’t blame time I can’t blame space,
I can’t blame the circumstances,
Can’t blame the human race.

A three time loser with three time loser blues,
I wouldna done anything different if I could,
And I was the last person to know the news.

I did I think the best I could’ve done,
It just wasn’t meant to last or be,
And I don’t think anyone lost or won.

Seemed they liked me at first down to the core,
Then they tried to change me to someone else,
So when I finally changed they gave me the door.

The bottom of the ninth a man on every base,
I stood at home at bat, three & two, two outs,
Umpire said: “Strike out, homer, doesn’t matta Case.

I’m a three time loser and I ain’t gonna lie,
I saw the sparkle in my childrens eyes,
As the ball came flying against the azure sky.

So I stared at the stands we were three runs down,
My team & fans were screamin’: “Mighty Casey!”
I swung my bat hard with a smile & not a frown.

James Patrick Casey 4/17/2011 Stone Ridge New York 7:33 p.m

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Particles and Waves, Bodies and Souls, Awake and Dreaming

This is an excerpt from Jane Roberts "The Unknown Reality, Vol II, Session 722, par. 15-20, in which her alternate personality, Seth speaks:

"..Many of these invisible particles(CU's: {'Consciousness Units millions of which make up our atoms & electrons, etc.' ed. note}) can be in more than one place at a time -- a fact that quite confounds the physically tuned brain perceiving a world in which objects stay where they are supposed to be.
Basically, however, each "appearance" of such a particle is a self-version, for it is altered to some extent by its "location". So can the human self appear in several places at once, each such appearance subtly altering the "human" particle, so that each appearance is a version of an "original" self that as(underlined) itself never appears in those terms("original self" or "source self" ed. note). When you look at an electron--figuratively speaking--you are observing a trace or a track of something else entirely, and that appearance is termed an electron. So the self that you know is a physical trace or intrusion into space and time of an "original" self that never appears. In a way, then you are as ghostly as an electron.
The unknown self, the "original self," straddles(underlined) realities, dipping in and out of them in different creative versions of itself, taking on the properties of the system in which it appears, and the characteristics native to that environment. Waves and particles are versions of other kinds of behavior taken by energy. Using that analogy, you flow in wavelike fashion into the physical particleized versions that you call corporeal existences.
Give us a moment...I am putting this as simply as possible; but when your "original self" enters(part of) itself into three-dimensional life from an inner reality, the energy waves carrying it break--not simply into one particle, following our analogy, but into a number of conscious particles. In certain terms these are built up using the medium at hand--the biological properties of the earth. They spread out from the "point of contact" forming individual lives. In your conception of the centuries, then, there are other counterparts of yourself living at the same time and in different places--all creative versions of the original self. There is a great intimate cooperation that exists biologically and spiritually between all of the beings on your planet "at any given time." You are all connected psychically in terms of inner and outer structures. A certain cohesiveness is also maintained because of these inner connections.
There are psychic structures quite as effective as physical ones, and these underlie the reality of your objective world. They merge together beautifuly to form an inner picture of the world at any given "time," even while that picture is ever changing. In greater terms, the picture of your world at any given time can be compared to the position, behavior, and characteristics of an invisible particle as it is "caught" intruding into your reality.
Your dream adventures, however exciting remain "invisible" from your waking standpoint. Within dreams space and time expand, again, as I have mentioned(earlier "Seth" discussed that space and time are naturally fluid during dreams, i.e., place, past present & future intermix w/o any consciousness problem on the dreamers part. ed. note), but in a way that you cannot physically pinpoint. Your own exterior space exists in precisely the same manner from the standpoint of 'any other reality' (last 3 words underlined. ed. note) (emphatically). For that matter, you yourself are so richly creative that your own thoughts give birth to other quite legitimate systems of which you (waking self/us. ed. note) have no knowledge......." [This text is subject to copywright laws in regard to the estates of Jane Roberts & Robert Butts.]

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Pizza Conspiracy (c)

A new non-recent leak revealed by CCN News from up closet interviews with scientists at the Mozzarella Section of the Museum of Cheese(Musee De La Chiesa) on Castleton Ave & Taylor St in West Brighton, Staten Island(former Greek Revival Building of the Richmond County Savings Bank designed by Guisseppe Chester Fieramosca, a 2nd cousin of both Garibaldi, the saviour of Italy & Antonio Meucci, the real inventor of the telephone) has determined that the decline of the United States is inextricably interwoven with the increase in the demand for and the consumption of PIZZA. This complex 250 second survey during the time the anonymous official source was travelling from his duty station & the breakroom concluded, Melvin said that if people spent less time consuming pizza, global warming could be averted, the Tea Party would have supported Obama, and none of us would get sick, that the Driveway Snow Plowers Union would have refused to plow the Governor of Wisconsin's driveway, hence preventing him from his anti-union activities, that the weight of the imported food materials coming into the United States alone would have offset any earthquakes in Japan by the shear volume & weight of distribution of the enormous cheese tankers & shiploads, that the time spent by stockbrokers in consuming pizza alone in the last few weeks has caused the market to decline and that the smell of garlic on their return to work has itself caused an upsurge in selling off the more cheesy stocks. When contacted by phone, Charlie Berardi, who owns Freddie's Pizzeria on Castleton Ave near Taylor St, said that he only invests in HI-Tech Military Industrial Complex Stock as his ancestors who are related to the Princes of Hesse in Germany have always done, which is why his Checkers Pizza Company is the 3rd largest purveyor of pizza in the Northeast. Talking to him in the palatial estate he has built on the former grounds of Governor Dongan's Manor House on Dongan Street & Richmond Terrace, Charlie said his investment in the HAARP technology & the 17 mile Positron Accelerator in Switzerland has made him acquiesce in turning Freddie's Pizzeria after 33 years over to his son-in-law Tommy McBratton to turn the restuarant into an upscale Irish Pub which has been tentatively named, "Not Casey's" referencing the very popular Joint a block away on Dongan St called "Casey's". Calls to "Casey's' in regard to this endeavor were too crude to put into this report. This reporter interviewed one Antonio Giaccio the owner of Bling Bling which lies exactly halfway between both establishments. Tony Jr, said he goes to his grandfather's place in Bayonne, New Jersey or his brother's place on Richmond Ave in Port Richmond for the real stuff if he really wants 'good pizza'. "I mean I don't go to Casey's to eat pizza, c'mon paison. Whatsa matta wit you?" An earthshattering investigation of all these allegations has lead the top team of CCN News to conclude that indeed our enormous need for consuming vast quantities of Pizza (and Murphy's at Casey's) has probably led to what some scientists who prefer to remain anonymous proclaim is the 2nd Fall of Rome. Though some said it would be the 3rd if you considered Nero's conflagration, while Sinnead O'Casey at Casey's restaurant said that if you consider that Brennus & the Celts razed Rome in about the 5th c. BCE it would actually be the third falling of Rome. Stay tuned for the next installment where we have ripped open the cloves of Monsanto's new scenario to genetically modify pizza garlic so as to corner the World Trade on this very important and necessary mundane item that we all take for granted when we are not locked into the same room with someone who has eaten too much of it. See our next report: "The Truth Behind the Garlic Festival in Saugerties New York." by our new cub reporter Jimmy Olsen

About Cheryl's "Town vs. Gown"

Cheryl, me darlin' poetess, your observations hit smack-on, both about the Ivory Tower Academic Posetry & the stuff the rest of us do. I happen to be a street kid from a clan of poet loving folks, and was considered the heir to my Dad & the Dads before him(..but he''ll have ta work hard to be as gud as his fadder.."). I went to college & literally abhorred the disecting of Poetry that went on. Mine was an Oral tradition of 1000's of years & the dead posetry stuff & Lego structures made me nauseous. I have nothin' agin' gematria or sacred numerology formatting one's stuff & many a great poet has taught at colleges all over the world making it a better place. I rank the Academic Ice Cutters below the poor folks who come to open mics to read a poem they wrote about a loved one who died & everyone in the family said they shud read it to others. I also come from a tradition where Bards had musical accompaniment and some of which was low down and dirty. The Hip Hop Slam Dunkers are part of that but will mellow out with age if they don't burn out & I think the whole Rap Hip Hop phenom is a scene where a part of our culture are expressing themselves poetically on varying scale of quality, but doggerel or true poetry it is still alive & well as are the Minstrelry of Modern music w/their lyrics. I don't hate Intellectual Academic Poets who throw in Persephone hoping to get laid, and consider their noble efforts a part of the wide and varied whole. But having experienced the Beats, Ginsberg, Montgomery, etc., in their habitat I can only quote from the final verse of my Poem, "BeBop 50's Evocative Collage" in their honor: "I have a Vision --BeBop! I honor the living Poets, Who wail cool, To free America!" That we might be lucky enuff to inherit the mantle of what some call the Twilight of American Poetry, And Wail Cool To Free Ourselves, Our America and Our World.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


That city night long ago,
I pulled my collar up leaning
In a vacant doorway escaping the bitter wind,
Darkened buildings gloomy from the yellow corner light.

I’d just read at St. Mark’s with the cool poets,
My stuff a mixture, mad politics, mystical murmerings.
You didn’t show, so I made up a name, like, S.I. Boy.

I was down deep in a dark funk, soul etched in troubles,
The growing pains of youth, I stared at your loft window,
A faint, ghostly light, the only light on the old block.

I’d seen you go up there with him, a well known artist,
Kissing, laughing, I felt poor, stupid, broke.
I shivered, reaching for the half pint of Irish.
Sharp, bitter, sweet, I threw it down my throat, quick,
A leap into the void’s chasm, it burned all the way down.

Stupid to come over here to see a glimpse of you.
So I turned east walking 20 blocks into the wind,
Majestic sadness flapping out behind me like a cloak.

The whiskey’d help me sleep,and tomorrow- you’d be gone
Just a headache lingering, and the faint and disappearing
Wisps of your perfume, that’d someday surface in a poem.

11/06/98 cottekill ny

Luireach Padraig

St. Patrick's Breastplate (Prayer of Protection)
Saturday, June 05, 2010, 4:54:04 PM | James P Casey
St. Patrick’s Breastplate

My mother, rest her soul, when I moved out of her house at age 19 gave me a small folded prayer to keep in my wallet at all times, & told me to say it every day I could. She said it would protect me and was called “Luireach Padraig (Loricah Porrig) “ in the Irish. I’ve seen many versions of it but I always liked hers best. A Lorica was a Magical or Mystical Breastplate which if worn by a Celt would insure protection at all times and a passage to the best of the Otherworlds, called Heaven or Paradise by Jews, Christians & Muslims. Christ did say that his father had many mansions. I came across it a while ago in an old wallet of mine & it was nearly disintegrated, but luckily I could still read most of the words. There may be a missing section or two, from the look of it but what remained I give to you. If you are of a Goddess bent, or somesuch you can substitute GodEssence or All-That-Is for “God”. Christ since it is an honorific high level spiritual title such as Avatar or Buddha, I would leave alone. There is also an Afterward you might find interesting. (Most versions use the term ‘bind’ instead of ‘gird’. Both are correct, but I find the encircling nature of ‘gird’ more pleasing than the squeezed sort of feeling ‘bind’ brings to mind.)

Luireach Padraig

I gird myself today with the might of heaven:
The rays of the sun,
The beams of the moon,
The speed of wind,
The depth of sea,
The stability of earth,
The hardness of rock.

I gird myself today with the power of God:
God’s strenght to comfort me,
God’s might to uphold me.
God’s wisdom to guide me,
God’s eye to look before me,
God’s ear to hear me,
God’s word to speak for me,
God’s hand to lead me,
God’s way to lie before me,
God’s shield to protect me,
God’s angels to protect me
From the snares of the divil,
In whatever guise,
From the temptation to sin,
From all who wish me ill,
Both far and near,
Alone and with others.

May Christ guard me today
From poison and fire,
From drowning and wounding ,
So my life’s mission may bear
Fruit in abundance.

Christ before me and behind me.
Christ beneath and above me,
Christ with me and in me,
Christ around and about me,
Christ on my right and my left,
Christ when I rise in the morning,
Christ when I lie down at night
Christ in each heart that thinks of me,
Christ in each eye that sees me,
Christ in each ear that hears me.

I arise today
Through the power of the Trinity,
Through faith in the thereness,
Through trust in the oneness,
Of the Maker of earth,
And the Creator of heaven

The Celts believed in the sacredness of the 3. They had triple gods & goddesses. They also had an overall Principal Being called a Father or a Mother God who was above all, depending on what part of Europe. In Ireland it was a Father God, called the Dagda, or Good God. Water was also sacred to them & interestingly enough it too is a triplicity: H2O. We live on Earth which is mainly a Water Planet. The number 3 was sacred to the Celts, & this in fact became the Roman Catholic Trinity. The Irish were great seafarer’s like their Celtic cousins in the islands & mainland of Europe. The Romans killed millions of Celts but not the majority and the rest of them are the earliest European ancestors that unite the EU, even w/ the various other ethnic groups that intermixed with them.
Their religion or Druidism was sort of like a Western European version of Pan-Paganism, Buddhism & Pythagoreanism practiced by a gregarious, loosely held federation of like minded souls, which was changed by the conquest of Rome. Ireland escaped Rome’s fury & so called civilizing notions. Patrick was the son of two Celts, a Briton & a Gaul who were Roman Citizens. They lived on the western seashore on the border of what today is Scotland & Britain. His father was like St. Luke, one of those hated Tax Collectors who would bully money from their fellows until they had raised enough that they would receive a special honor & would no longer have to pay taxes, great incentive that greased the great machine of the Roman Empire.
St. Patrick blended Druidism with Christianity like many other of his kind creating what was called the Celtic Church. Women were allowed to say & participate in the Mass as well as some other features, environmentally speaking, that today People of Spirit would appreciate. At first Patrick destroyed the Druids books, but then he lamented and he had his monks record the remaining ones as well as the oral Lore of the People, Bards, Seannachies, Poets and Minstrels to whom we Irish are most appreciative. The message of Jeshua was radical: It said that all were equal under God & that God was Love. No King or Queen was more special than the lowest slave. The Celts were Democratic in nature & this message took off like wild fire, especially in Ireland where there were no martyrs. From a people who call a rainy day: “Tis a soft day”, we do not call them Pagans but Pre-Christians & honor & cherish our ancient heritage. There are more Irish manuscripts of lore many of which is still not translated, then all the worlds stories combined.
Incidently, I no longer have access to the kind of Photo Copier that can shrink stuff down, as I’d love to carry it in my wallet again. Come to think of it, the run of bad cess or luck I’ve had in the last 4 yrs coincides coincidently, even though there are no coincidences, with the time I got the current wallet on Father’s Day 2006. Please you of non-Islamic-Christian-Judaic faiths don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and identify the message of Joshua Ben Joshua or Yeshua ben Yeshua or Jesus Christ with the later established Churches, as did Aleister Crowley, who grew up under the weight of a small sect of fundamental Christians, and their nonsensical beliefs. A Christ is a Bodhisatva, an Anointed Avatar. The message in the Lorica is all you need, as you all are children of God-Essence All-That-Is, the children in the ancient Celtic trinity: The Mother of Darkness melded with the Father of Light and in their outbreath (the Holy Spirit: the three points of a triangle are the trinity united by the lines of the HS connecting them. The triangle is the smallest building block.) created we, the Children of God. We are eternal, but we are on Earth to learn how to be a Godchild, or to teach others how to do so. GodEssence Bless ye!


by James P Casey on Saturday, July 10, 2010 at 9:10pm


Satrap momma storm,
Bowling thunder
Babbling woman wonder,
Damp green thinkings,
Sinking mist of song.

Steaming wash of magic,
Pearl white sky,
Why do you come in slices,
Strings of crystals
Playing on the leaves?

Snake slipping down surfaces,
Frog gleams rippling
Frozen motion passing
In a pyre of pine,
And heady passion.

A finger on the lips of stillness,
As the red sun floats upon horizons
Newly cast with long tomorrows,
Stretching trees that sag in joy,
Open to receive the sky.

Memories meander in a million days
And hours shoot around the stars,
Seconds burst on passive ponds,
Aware of secret wishes buried
In the sand.

What mole inside his hole will
Cease to wonder,
Measuring the space between his claws,
Listening to dark and distant thunder,
Beating tears upon the ground.

How warm the earth,
How wet the mud,
How juicy are the roots,
The tasty worms,
The tender shoots,
How strong the stone.

And always comes the whistling psalm,
The drips that patter in the calm,
Wild whirrings,
Trembled buzzings,
Spinning webs of rainbow specks,
The subtle blend of yellow in the deep.

A golden beetle crawls upon the screen
As in a dream where shadows dissipate in light
His wings vibrating to a microcosmic tune,
To filled this darkened room,
With all-forever.

june 20th, 1976 james patrick casey clintondale ny

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Christopher Casey Wow.....lovely poetry, James....John F. Casey the second..
July 11, 2010 at 1:43am · James P Casey It's my Rain Dance Poem. It always evokes the smell of rain thru an old wooden screen back door looking out on the greenery of earth glistening. I also once saw a golden beetle on the screen.
July 11, 2010 at 6:10pm · James P Casey And the ozone of a thunder storm.
July 11, 2010 at 6:10pm · Lillian Potteray James - You're your father's son. As a child I remember reading your father's poetry that he had sent my mom when he was overseas. She had saved all of them in some attic boxes which were full of her wedding cards, photos, and important... papers. Your poetry is magic - it envelops. Boy, I'll have to keep my Pocket Guide for Doubtful Spellers/Pocket Guide To Correct Grammar handy when I contact you. Had to read your poetry three times to drink it all in and each time I peeled away another layer of beautiful thought. Are you published? You should be. Not sure you'll even receive this comment but hope so. (Someone has to train me on this facebook.) Maryellen encouraged me to join without any lessons - so I only have her to blame. Mare, are you listening???? When I first got onto facebook today, I saw a Happy Birthday comment from Nicole and now I can't find it. So, Nicole, if you're able to read this, thanks for the good wishes. I did get into your photos, James, and your family is BEAUTIFUL. It's wonderful to see the Casey clan. Give my love to all. LilSee More
July 15, 2010 at 3:50pm ·
James P Casey Lillian, there are no nuns w/yardsticks on FB. In fact there's no such thing as spelling anymore. I gave up being a Spelling Nazi back in the 90's when i realized i was pissin' peepul off at Social Security & doing more harm than good. Anyw...ays w/the techno-speak, e-mail & text-ting & hip-hop slang Engullish iz goen thru anudder of it's continuous mutations. It is an eater(& destroyer) of languages. It takes wurds frum udder lingos und makes it it's own. The 2 main t'ings to remember about Inglish is the "th" zound & the "ing" sonned. Someday if my novel ever gets published I have James Joyce do a monologue on just that or dat. The Irish among others have a hard time w/"th" so we say "t'ing". Anywayz, all de best to ye and yers. Gra agus Solas(Ir. Love & Light).See More
July 15, 2010 at 6:40pm · James P Casey Oh, and I've been publshd in a few anthologies. Rain was publ. back in the 80's in an Anthology called Oxalis. You see us hereditary Seannachie Poets have inherited an Oral tradition, so we'd rather write 'em & read 'em then get 'em 'pressed'. I think it goes back to the Druidic teaching that you shud memorize everything becuz books can be destroyed & you didn't need to read to memorize & orate & pass down knowledge. The brain is still the best computer.
July 15, 2010 at 6:47pm · Lillian Potteray Dear James - you're a doll. Had to read this email just FOUR times before I understood it. You had a "yardstick" nun and I had a "watering artificial plants and believing them real" nun. Now that you've explained my lack of
need for the "...Inglish" language - believe me this is a relief - I implore
you, when you get a chance, to give me some hints on how to work FACEBOOK.
(I already know not to post my credit card numbers/social security number
but other than that, Lord have mercy on me.) I'm not on facebook much but check in to see photos every now and then. (p.s. - I was the only one of my high school "gang" that was pulled out of geometry and put into Language
Skills and the good nuns were at a loss when I flunked out of that too) I
was also kicked out of Choir (monotone). Where's that novel? Can't wait.
Mail me a copy when it's finished. Gra agus Solas Back to YouSee More
July 15, 2010 at 7:12pm via Lillian Potteray James, it might be 30 years late - but congrats (my new speak) on being published for "THE RAIN". It's an absolutely beautiful piece of poetry - up there with Wadsworth, Longfellow (hope they're poets - fell asleep in
English class as well).... I can see your point though about memorizing/orate/pass down. Here are two Nellie stories: 1) Our grandfather reading before his open fireplace for all the local farmers that couldn't read. He'd give them weather and local news and personal stories.She was very proud of him.
2) Her local schoolhouse being raided by the British rounding up all their "Irish" language school books and burning them in front of the schoolhouse. She was frightened to death. But you're too good - you need to share what you write. "press yourself to be pressed"
July 15, 2010 at 7:35pm via James P Casey Me Da told me the same, but not much detail on the burnin' of the Irish books, just that his sister's told him so. Time fer me sleep, so God Bless.
July 15, 2010 at 9:23pm · James P Casey Lillian FB's not as scarey as it appears. Just voice your voice. It's kinda like sittin' around a table havin' a cuppa.

What's in a Name: Casey

James P Casey on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 9:54pm
In the Name books, even in some scholarly works it says Casey means Watchful and Vigilant. But that's because that was our job so to speak, in Ireland. That's what the Casey's did for the High Kings, the Ard Ri's around Tara, be their Bodyguards & stand up on the Hilltops & Towers being just that. In a way because of this we may have been bred to be hypervigilant. The Vikings who took over Dublin made some of us Vassals, but we learned their business & trade methods, and later fought with Brian Boru to oust them from power in Ireland. We fought against the invasion of Ireland by Strongbow & King Henry II & thus lost our prominent lands in Fingal north of Dublin to the Norman Hugh De Lacey and later to those who cheated the De Laceys. Some of it was returned but never to its full glory. Casey is actually an amalgamation of several different names: Cas, Cassi & Casi, all great European Celtic Tribes & also 1st names. It comes from Kay/Cay, the word for Warrior, Knight or Battler or Battle. In Ireland there were the Dal Cas, or DalCassians, a great warrior tribe from who Brian Boru of O'Brien fame arose. In Ptolemy's map of Ireland the Casey's land in what is now Fingal is marked as Cahassi or Caci land.The name became prominent in 6 different septs as Ui(O) Cahassy or Cathasaiugh. Literally it means the Warriors of the Waterfall. Or the Knights or the Battlers of the Waterfall. Because of different dialects it also became Cash, Casse, Cass & Case when anglicized. The Irish name for O'Casey was Ui Cathasaiugh & their Irish motto in Gaelic meant Casey of the Blood Red Sword. The later Latin one, per varios casus could be translated as through many difficulties or through various fortunes, dependent on your half empty/half full bias. In America, the mostly Irish speaking Catholics who fled the Great Hunger in the 1840's to 1860's were illiterate peasants who spoke Irish and their names were mispelled just like later immigrants. Casey became Cass, Case, Casse, Cash, Kesey, Cayce. Kacey and many others. An explosion of popularity among girls names in America since the 1980's to present has as many variations, Kacey, Kaysey, etc.


The Sea Demon slain? Abdullah cried,

The gods piss in the sea;

And who will come to the edge of the forest

To set the antelope free?

The worms crawl, beneath the earth,

Abdullah lies in the mud,

Far from his ship from whence he came.

The sky is blood.

Tis the season of rain.

The buffalo roar

And the grasses bend,

The captain has his whore;

The carrion feed

On Arabian steed

And Brave Abdullah is dead. (c) JPC Bronx NY 7/29/1970

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cold Heat (c)

Cold Heat

Eyes of Smelted Steel

Boring thru Aorta

Drilling Jugular

Sparks Flying




Void of the Red

Hot Rivets Sparking

Fire once within My Chest.

Furnace Rusted Crushed Beyond

Barnacles of Iron Rotting

Cavities of Dark Suns

What Mined now




Flayed from Within

Left Hanging Leaning

Throttled by the Dirty Wind.

Cold Heat the Breath of Me

Staining the Burning Air

Where Once Stood

Pulsing Pumping


James Patrick Casey 11/29/2010

If I Allowed But One Poem To Write (c)

If I Allowed But One Poem To Write

If allowed one poem to write
In my passage thru this world,
T’would be the Love within my Heart,
The Light within my Mind
Translated be for all to understand.

I come from a lineage of Poets,
A Race of bold and magic men,
Who used their tongues to spread the word
And sat by hearth with families and friends
Millenniums before one ever picked up pen.

The veil is thin, humankind is blind,
The struggle’s gone on too long,
Art, Beauty, Truth against the Avarice of Dark,
Each day grows dim, yet a promise still,
A glimmer, hope that Spirit nested deep within,

Will grind the tarmac on their soul to dust
To free their eyes to see
To free each one to be,
To feel the universe within
That pulsing beating muscle in their chest.

That all will see the beauty in each other,
In every stone and blade of grass,
In every bird in flight,
And like the smile of babies new
Will hear their spirits sing.

That those in power will relent, awake;
Their heart with true love filled;
Their lives an endless joy of truth,
So they will freely help make our world
A place called Paradise, without, within.

James Patrick Casey Jan 16, 2011 3:03p.m. Stone Ridge NY

The Crystal Path (c)

I walked out laughing into the night,
And felt the frigid snow beneath my boots,
The snow flakes sparkled in the Christmas lights,
Stillness all about I took an unmarked path,
Along a frozen stream with gurgling spectacles of ice,
So quiet almost deafening the silence of it all,
I turned to see my footprints disappear,
And heard the breath of Winter's white
Drown out the sounds of Summer's flight,
Down the pristine crystal way
My soul was forging heat inside my chest,
The steam from out my lips
Kissing and softly hissing
As the cold dissolved its mist,
I stopped and stood amazed
Feeling the ivory and pellucid aire
Envelop me into its breast,
As if I was a god inside his lair,
Who made this world of white
And ice and snow,
Twas then I saw the eyes of grey,
The wolven ears and fur and tail,
Who watched me from the rock
Beside the stream,
And pierced my vision
In its smirking smile,
As if to say:
"Now you understand
A little of the way.
Welcome to my dream,
I offer it a gift,
For I have summoned you,
To go back to your den,
And put your gifts to pen
For all the world to see."
We stared awhile and breathed
The chilly snow that whirled about.
Then fast he turned and disappeared
As if he was not there.
And so did I
Back to my cave
Of precious warmth
To write these very words.

james patrick casey 1/11/11 stone ridge ny

Me Uncle, Jack O’Shea (c)

Me Uncle, Jack O’Shea

“Did I ever tell ye the one about the..”
He always would begin
To tell his jokes and tales.

Rick, rack that was me Uncle Jack,
Jack O’Shea to be exact,
He was a granpa to me.

From County Kerry near old Tralee,
He fled from the Brits and the IRA,
To New York in Americay.

A bachelor man til fifty
When he met Bridie Casey
In an elevator in Sachs.

“And wouldja go for a cup of tea?”
She nodded her head in glee,
“Indeed, I would”, said she.

So a small spinster lass from Ballaghadereen,
And a tall bachelor man from Kerry’s green,
Married they did, they did indeed..

So they bought a house in the island of Staten,
With an attic view of old Manhattan,
Where us Casey boys would come and play.

Each day off to the Bronx to work they went
A bus, a ferry, a subway or two, a lady & gent,
Back home again by six or so.

Many’s the merry time we boys’d have
Listening to them tell their tales,
And Jack with all his jokes.

Like a Seannachie of old, with a little pub,
A little parlor, a little stage Irishman,
In the mix together they’d rub.

He could tell stories and jokes for hours
While Bridie would laugh, play cards,
Cook terribly or have us pray.

Twas she taught me how to box,
“Put up your dukes” she’d say
And we’d fun fight and dance about.

Now later on with pipe in hand
He’d say: “Now come here lad,
I’ll teach ye the proper way.”

“Now aren’t I, indeed the man,
Who shook the hand
Of John L. Sullivan,”

“Give em the horns of yer head to hit,
The corners of your noggin,
It’ll make their knuckles split.”

“If they knock ye down ye get back up
And never a tear in your eye
If they knock ye down all day.”

“Cause every time they knock ye down,
Ye always get back up again,
For soon their fists will be bleedin’”

“They can knock ye down, Jaymes,
But always remember, lad
They can never keep ye down.”

“For that’s the Irish in ye,
And they can’t take that away,
And a thousand years they’ve tried.”

“For a strong and hardy race we are
With the old ways deep inside,
For a Nation again we’ll be.”

“John Bull and all his armies,
With the divil on his back,
Will never take that away.”

“For Ireland was a Nation
Proud and civilized,
Before any England was.”

“Ireland was a Nation
As grand as ere there was
When England was but a pup.”

“And Ireland will be a Nation,
For how ever long it takes,
When England’s belly up.”

“Did I ever tell ye the time...”
It seems like yesterday,
When Bridie passed away.

And Jack was a widower man
Alone again in his seventies,
Just like he was as a lad.

But he never stopped with his tales
As his bones’ go crickety-crack,
And the tall frame started to stoop.

“Don’t worry about me Jaymes,
Fer the next time ye’ll see me
I’ll be in the boneyard.”

It was another 16 yrs of hearin that,
On St Patrick’s Day indeed
When we buried him on his back.

Once on a visit: “Don’t worry bout me,
Ye gave me drink ‘n food, a nice warm bed,
Happy I’ll be if ye get me a pot to piss in.”

That was me Uncle Jack O’Shea,
An’ proud as he was of me
I’m proud to have been the child
And the man that shook his hand.

James Patrick Casey 11-46 a.m. Jan 16, 2011 Stone Ridge NY USA