Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hold onta yer hats, Ladies & Germs cause here is:
De Zero Tolerance Ecology Radical Chic(lets) De Semper Twelfth Too Tao Sound und Twelfeth             Deckler Nonzen Animation: 
We, de tiniest bits of Conshishness in de Youniverse declare that it is in here ant an' termite in Our Rites dat: Everything & Everybody should be put in a steel riveted Titanium (pinewood, aluminium foil or toilet forwud/slash paper towels will do if titanium ain't abailable) Coffin & berried in de olde cellar Coal Bin, Dust Bin, Osama Bin, Cistern (I prefer the olde spellig, Cystern, like in dat famus Willem Woodsworm poem Cystern Abby Road) or just an olde whole in de growne. (A Coal Pit Mime or Jerry Quarry will do just fine. Clay or Ali, but Larry Holmes, Dr. Watson finely admits dat hiz now gud bud Gerry Cooney nearly kixed hiz butt. Frack it, ma man!). As a freud of mime sed jus yestaday az he took off hiz jung mask: "Dat sucka was actin' like an aminal, so I kixed him in his convict shins."
        Just kiddin'. Huh? T'ink so? Well, said de Driller: "I stand up for all Creaturehoods. It's the nature of me beast. Just yesterday I beet dis guy up for boilin some poor old broccoli. What a bunch of Borschtit! Stuff was already turnin' yellow. Disgustin'."
        No walkin' on de ground- fuhget about ants, cause yah step on poor little atoms & squash dem two! We shud be Pro-Tonic & Quinine & Seltzer & Uradicate everything & nuthin', even New-trons or Old-trons, even Disney Trons. Czarists who play "Stairway to Heaven" badly or anyzway. Harpists, Tubists, Cubists, Proto-Neanderthalists, Neo-Darwinists, Rad Creationists, Accordian & Uillean Bagpiper trainees & Bodhran (it's pronownced Bow-Ran, yah idjet.) Drum Wannabeez (T'ink of annee udders? Gotta be phunnee. Add 'n commenz at de end, plz.). Nihilists go foist. Den de Anarchists.
        Sorry yu fewk up guys, but Nihilists get 1st pik by default. Den dah Dentists get ta drill rite up de noivess channel if'n dey don cummit sue-his-hide foist. Afta dat of curse, we do the Banka's, de Politishins, de Lawyuhs, de Dicktaters, de TV Ankorpersons, all de lousy Docturs who skrewed ye up & den the Talk Show Hoists. Any olde Nuns who are still breathin' who uzed de metal edged 18" yardstick on me next. Mark Zuckerberg gets thrown to de IPO masses face foist & dressed up like Joan of Arc or the last Grand Master of de Nights Temple, Jack De Mowlay.
       All de Lizard Bludd Alien Conspiratorial IllumiNazi Zombie Ridiculously Rich Rulers get 5 seconds to Morph B4 cremeation. Okay, 3 seconds. Maybe the Pope & the Buddhists who are crybabies anyways like the Quakers, or polymorphic like de Mormans. We shud let Moslems & Vikings cut dere own heds off if dey want, or we cud blow em up on a burning pyre wit de native Americans & Neo-Pagons. Hindooz shud be given a chance to drown in the sacred rivah Gangjeez.
        Den I wuz t'inkin' maybe we shud let de Roamin' Catliks have a go in the arena wid de Prods. But I don wanna effendi anyun by leibin dem out. I wanna make sure dat evereebuddy iz effended equallee. Dats we're my reeders come in. Gimmee who I left out. Proddastand & Apeathist Ziontists shud be made to buy their own stuff & eat their genetically altered products be4 dey get the getgo. Badd Spellars get extra bonersusses.
        I personilly got it in fer de guys who made the old Doublemint Chewing Gum commershuls. Fur a billion ears my soul will still see dere uglee, banal subway ads & here dere obnoxshuss twiddle jingleshite. Twin Burnings at de stake fer dem. I garantee dat. Well, okay, dats a lil anger management problum, I suppose. I can pass on dat. Sorry.
        I wuz t'inkin' we shud go afta de Surrealists, but dere alreddy ded, like de Commies who hab tranzfermed inta Radical, Kriminal Kapitalist Pigs.(KGB: Kapitalist Geocriminal Basturds)  And dem Soshulists! Don't even shoot dem, jus' let em root. Now yah can't bury de right wing or de left wing only, cause de poor old eagle won't be able to fly, sose we gotta burry de hole boid. Yikes. I lubs de pretty tweets of de boids & de flours smell. Oyl Well!
         Und de Republikrats & Demopublicanz get to play Monopoly to see who goes foist. No passin' but go directly to zappoland. Afta dat we drop the Libberalls on top uv de Libraryatarians & let dem duke it out. No matta who wins, dey both get the zap. Then, Bang! Zoom! Boom! No more problema's.
         And dem Rice Paddy's, dose Irish Vegetarians shud be all transported to de saltit mines of Silicon Valley. I wuz t'inkin' maybe we shud let de stinkin' cummedians live up until de end, but I'm waverin' on dat. I'm gonna be up all nite t'inkin' about all the personhoods & creaturehoods I left out. I wuz also t'inkin about Elimmunation Trials.
          Ya know: USA vs Russia. LA vs NYC. Boston vs de NY Yankees( to be kind we'll let Boston get 1st licks). China vs Japan. Germany vs France. Ireland vs Ireland. Korea vs Korea. Africa vs Monsanto. South America vs Miami. Israel vs Palestine. Iraq & Iran. India & Pakistan. Mexico vs Canada. Iceland vs Greenland. Microsoft vs Apple. GM vs Honda. Coca Cola vs Pepsi. MickeyDee vs Bugger Queen. Toyota vs Hundai. Subaru vs Subaru.
          It jus goz on & on. I'm gettin' fired up jus t'inkin' uv de pozzabilitees. Scotland vs England. If Scotland loses den England vs Wales & Scotland goes to de end of de line. If England loses dey get 2 play China.(Don't ask, I know, what if Japan beats China? We'll work it out.). If Wales loses, den dey gets to fite de Isle of Mann wit dere hands tied behind dere backs to keep England & if England wins it gets to fite the Fewkand Islands & Isabel Peron(okay we'll let Argentina stand in for her) & if de forma wins, its England vs Everybody. Is dat fair? I don't care, I'm Irish. It's called revenge. better watch out, cause I may be predjudiced & let the Irish survive to rule the hirsute empty planet.
         But of course, dats if dere's anybuddy left. Omigud? Cud ole Mudder England be de last land standin'? Anybuddy out dere can gib me sum hep wit sum more?  You know youse gots tons uv dem buzzin' in yer heds. Rite? C'mon now, yah noz yah kan do it. Whaddya say?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Thoughts on the Volunteer Military

History shows that everytime Peace came to a nation/civilization (Golden Age of Ireland when the fierce Irish put away their swords & stopped their piracy & raiding & took up Druidic Christianity) or an Empire (Pax Romana) that as soon as they became complacent, the have-nots from somewhere else or within invaded & destroyed them(a bit simplistic for Rome, but you get the drift). Volunteer or Privately funded armies of the Etruscans & their holding on to a simplistic pessimistic spiritual system led the Romans to trample that great culture. Warfare has been the terrestial major sport at least for the last 7000 yrs if we can believe what Plato said the Egyptians told Solon.
So does the world have to be turned into a United States where the only warfare is peaceful, regulated, economic competition & styles/fads? Where each 'state' controls its own resources & exchanges fairly for what they need from other states? Where Global Sports are the new battlefield? Perhaps? I'm just thinking in terms of the long run. How do you eliminate wars & warlords? The money saved from Military expenditure cud then be used to balance out inequities.There's going to be a New World Order whether we like it or not. How that new World Order is set up depends on us. Will the military be just flipped over to a Police state? There are several possibilities & a power struggle for each version. How do we create a New Global World Situation where warfare between Humans & Nature, The Sexes, Races, & Ethnicities can be channeled into a more peaceful & productive way of living for our whole Earth?
There are people & groups who are working on this as I write. I'm hoping that the 3 steps forward, 1-2 steps back progress can turn into just 1 step forward & no steps back. We all on a global consciousness level have designed our Reality on this planet. Our Mindsets & Belief Systems control the outcomes. We need to continue to support those who are mentally, physically, spiritually & emotionally are thinking, believing & projecting that this Earth experiment blossom into something we cannot even conceive of how wonderful. If the peaceful explosion of technology is a physical foreboding of what will happen on the Mental, Emotional & Spiritual levels we have nothing to fear. We all must do our part. Action is the Western way. We cannot sit & be complacent in our caves assuming this will happen as parts of the Orient have done for ages.
Look at India, with all its diverse tribes, religions & groups, a 'backward' spiritual nation now awakening at the forefront of technology & science. Perhaps what goes on there will mirror how the whole planet will behave. Or will it be the new experimental China controlled by a 'Agnostic/Atheistic' elite who will realize their own 'spirituality' & that the future of the world may depend on how they behave. Or will America with its daily growing diversity & the conflicts arising from that be the forerunner? Will the worlds most amazing experiment(in 7000 yrs), our Democratic-Republic live up to its own Dream? The American Dream, our version of the Pax Romana?
Amazing things are happening in our world. We must Think & Feel & Project that the best will happen because if not the doomsayers will get what they want, each thinking that their 'enemy scum' will be wiped out & they, the righteous of whatever persuasion will have a paradise to themselves. Even if you are an Atheist you must reconize that Quantum physics has proven that the attitude & belief of the experimenter on the outcome of their research has an effect on what they perceive as the end result. This translates to our everyday world. This makes our Minds more than just Brain machines. It basically says we have a Consciousness inhabiting a construct of Mother Nature called a body. If we blew up the nucleas of a hydrogen atom to the size of a pea, the space between its orbiting electron wud be six football fileds cubed. So thats alot of space. Our reality is a Construct we have all agreed upon. An Illusion of sorts, but a Definitive Valid Illusion.
On the most simplistic level you every once in awhile close your eyes & see yourself in some future time enjoying yourself doing what you like, say snorkeling in Mauii & the World is wonderful & at peace. Their are groups who meet & do definitive creative visualization of the future. There are factions in the govt & industry who realize this & hope to use it to their ends. The destruction/implosion of Bldg. 7(which housed the nerve centers of the NYPD, CIA, FBI, NSA, NSC, AI, etc.) of the WTC under cover of a left alone 'Islamic' Terrorist attack while they stole billions of gold bullion & destroyed their records in the 911 attack. There are Govt agencies who fight wars on the so-called Astral Plane & some conspiratorationalists say there is a Space War going on right now & that Chemtrails are to cover it up, not prevent Global Warming. Who knows what to believe with all the Info pumped at us via the WWW?
However we can still see each of as individuals or families or partners being in a wonderful future environment in our Minds Eye. This is a Free Will Universe no matter your beliefs. The Future cannot be predicted only guessed at because of the natural Spontaneity built into Free Will. If it wasn't there the Universe would stagnate & Entrophy wud take effect. They now know that the Universe is in constant expansion & will not reach a point where it will contract. Too many new 'souls' or stars coming into being. So be Loving. Be Joyful. Be Creative. Be Forgiving. And most of all be thankful that you are an eternal indivisible part of a greater whole, the eyes & ears in our dense dimension of a Benevolent Beingness beyond our wildest Imagination.
Jane Roberts the 20th c. Poet & Novelist who channeled her 'Personality Essence' called 'Seth' had along w/her husband Robert Butts written a dozen or more books (& was probably more responsible than anyone for kickstarting the whole 'New Age' movement & its offshoots) about what this part of her consciousness related. Many Physicists attended her classes to ask Seth questions which later on in Labs were proven. Seth said that "We live in a Safe Universe.", "We Create our own Reality", "The Present is the Point of Power.", "Time is Simultaneous, not Linear, so we can change the Future & the Past but only from the Point of the Expansive Present." among bookloads of other stuff. Seth said he did not want to start a "Cult" or be regarded as any kind of Messiah, as though no longer embodied he was equal to us & we all to the tiniest particle wave of consciousness. He just wanted to help along a change in our consciousness to help us thru what was coming. His only prediction in all the books was that our planet would not be destroyed & that the 21st c. would show constant improvement if we wished & that by 2075 we would have a amazing planet beyond our wildest dreams. My favorite quote is his response to someone concerning a quote above: "I said "We live in a Safe Universe". I didn't say it was Perfect."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Were the Devil Alive Today Would He Work in a Lab Wearing a White Coat

The Devil is indeed a complex conglomerate of a Thought Form created from the many fears our Western Judaeo-Christian-Islamic-Pagan Culture had towards what was considered Irrational & Unpredictable and sculpted from former gods, goddesses, powers and forces that represented this 'dark' side of our nature. It's obvious to me that the development of our particular Western Culture Earth reality had decided en masse to take the road of specialization to the point where only the outer conscious mind is trusted and the 'masculine', rationalist, technological belief system to its extreme to explore what that would entail. That the inner consciousness, the unknown, the intuitive, the feminine, the dark, the very essence of the animal nature and natural instinct that man evolved out of is feared and represented by the dualistic forces of light and darkness, as we in the West have in a sense rejected Nature and our Animae as something to suppress like we suppressed women. It has resulted in a world where Nature is to be feared and vanquished, not seen as part of us. It has resulted in a new Religion, The Church of Scientism, where there is no afterlife, no divinity, no soul and that we were created from dead matter and evolved from Apes.
The Western Church & it's rulers have caused much havoc and horror by their politicalization of spiritual concepts and using them to manipulate Empires. But this Church did not bomb Hiroshima nor firebomb Dresden, nor create the technological nightmares of pollution and greed that has turned also the great experiment of America from a Democracy to a Corpocracy and imperiled the very Earth we live on. At least the Church offered it's believers a heaven or a hell and a direction of sorts to an afterlife. The Church of Scientism is a Church of Death that will "sacrifice the few" for the good of the All and offers no end game other than annihilation. That you only live once so take and do what you can now form of cynicism that offers only the progress of Technology and Materialism & the constantly new forms of toys as the only desirable way of Life. It has resulted in a new Hierarchy of Control, where 1% of the population own the majority of the wealth and the road to a new Feudalism. They revel in all the myriad forms that spiritual consciousness has splintered into with the various 'religious' belief systems that vie for which one is the best belief system, and hence some Neo-Pagans practice the same fury of hatred and ignorance of Christianity that they rejected in the Negative aspects of the Church when they left it. Instead of seeing the same practices & traditions in Christianity in the numerous saints and scholars and monks, they look to the Eastern versions of the same practices, or look back to some pseudo pre-Christian Golden Age.
I wonder how things would have turned out if the the political machine of the Roman church had lost out to the older Celtic Church, and its amalgam of the Pre-Christian European Druids who were open to any and all knowledge and wisdom with the original teachings of the Avatar Jeshua that we are all equal, can create our own reality, are part of God, should love ourselves first & then our neighbors the same, in which Women and Nature were not feared, and the old gods and goddesses were treated with respect, and granted their space and festivals had won out in the spiritual battle between the Celts and the Romans over who would retain control of these two new forms of how the Christ was interpreted. Unfortunately, the Roman Church with its purposely deceptive and revised history of Jesus, doctrines and falsifications and destruction of the true nature of what the Christ taught, won out and has in a sense caused such a vast rejection when its tenets and dogma and behaviour was proved to be false and oppressive, it has resulted in a sense with this new Church of Scientism, the new dominant power of belief, where Dead Matter is their god(That ice ball meteor rock that hit our vulcanizing earth eventually resulting in the 'soup of life'), technology for technology's sake is their practice, Darwin is their Prophet and the commandment that "the end justifies the means". If their is a real Devil, he would be wearing a white coat in some research laboratory, torturing animals to see what effect the theories of Eugenics and Geo-Engineering would have on them purposely distorted to make this world a safer place for the 1% who will build their shelters to survive what they have unleashed upon our world. Fortunately, there are many of us who will not fall for this new idealogy of death, despair and destruction and are doing our best to enlighten people to a more positive and hopeful way of being and thinking, so that we will prevent these sad and despairing dogmatics from their mad, greedy path towards destruction, and manipulating its people into a new serfdom, to creating a safer and better world for us and our descendants.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


In response to an email from a good friend that our 'gut' makes us sick according to the latest, bestest, scientific report:
NO ONE MAKES US SICK. WE SICKEN OURSELVES BY OUR VERY BELIEFS. WE, US, YOU, I, THEM, THOSE influence our brain's behaviour. Our Mind is not our Brain. Our Brain is but a "computer" as Hawkins just recently said, & we are nothing after the computer dies. He didn't indicate if it was a PC or a MAC. But alas, poor Stephen, You will survive for an Eternity eating those words. Our Mind/Psyche/Soul/Personality Essence/ Focus Perceptionality will always survive as we are made up of living, conscious, indestructible Matter(Mother) and live in our Wave/Pattern(Father) Universes as the Divine Procreations of Matter & Pattern, so beyond any possible explanation that one, like the ancient Hebrew, Egyptian & Druidic priests said: "Fahget about it! Don't even try to go There.
It is Measureless & Indescribable & cannot be Named. Hence it is the "Unknown' or The "......" Being who can only be explained by the reflection that are we, the living Consciousness of infinite free will, and creative spontaneity. We must abandon blaming the outside for the Belief Systems thAT WE HOLD EVER SO TIGHT AS CEMENT WITHIN OURSELVES FOR ALL THE WHATEVER REASONS WE KNOW & THAT CLOUD OUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS & LIVES & BLAME WHAT IS OUTSIDE OF US FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE DEEP DOWN INSIDE OF US. We are not, evil, decrepit, sinful, stupid, dead matter. We have descended into HELL, but it is a hell of mental & emotional Blindness. The world is of OUR making. WE create OUR Reality. We as a People, as soul brothers & sisters, believe this is what it should be. We must now start to THINK/FEEL/BELIEVE in what we truly want for ourselves & what we truly want for our PLANET.
WE ARE THE EARTH. OUR VERY ATOMS THIS VERY MINUTE are interchanging continuously w/all the other atoms, and the tiny billion incredible particle waves that make up the atoms are all CONSCIOUS BEINGS that will never NOT exist because "nothing" does not or cannot exist. There is no void nor nothingness. It is an absolute impossibility. Otherwise I would not be texting you these words.
We must take back control of our Mind from the stupid, petty dogmas that the scientists, priests and politicians have expressed for us, as the outward manifestation/infestation of our very own world beliefs. We are responsible FOR OUR VERY THOUGHTS. WE ARE CHILDREN & COCREATORS OF THE indescribable infinite GODESSENCE-ALL-THAT-IS. It is up to us to make our world a better place by beginning now to THINK & BELIEVE & WANT & PRAY & PROGRAM for it. Everything that has ever been imagined exists: Angels, Faeries, Elemental, Saints, gods & goddesses. But there is NO EVIL. There is no SATAN or DEVIL except our own FEAR. The Devil is the fear that GodEssence All-That-Is does not LOVE us. But yet we get whatever we believe deep in our heart: Poverty, Sickness, War, Etc., because we create it en masse.
God-Essence-All That Is has given us this PLANET as a playground to explore all the infinite possibilities ever imaginable and more. We have drawn down deep into a solid perceptable "camouflage" planet where we imagine that it is the only real thing that exists. That is a true HELL. If we go one believing that aetheistic scientists will destroy our world with their creations or that fundamentalist religious folks will send us all to hell because we are inherently evil beings then that is what we will get until we wake up..
YOU, MY FRIEND ARE THE TICKET TO YOUR HAPPINESS. YOU ARE AN ETERNAL CHILD OF GODeSSENCE-All-That-Is. YOU ARE a tiny facet/hologram of the most amazing infinite crystal that has always existed and always will. WAKE UP!!!! PEOPLE!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!WE ARE GOD!!!!!!!If there's any screwing going on we are doing it to ourselves. Stop blaming others and other things. Learn how to be who you truly ARE. If You Ask, the Answer Will Come, & Slowly But Surely, Steady as a Rock to Show You Your True WAy. Not anyone else's way. Your Way. That is What you were created for!!!
Please do me a favor, you're all kinda of getting pretty miserable & boring. I came to this planet to laugh & have fun. Can we get on with the party? I want to dance. I want to sing. I want to write poetry and create art and make love and bring up amazing children who will change the world!!!
I want to bang on the drum & drink some good pure water or maybe some juice & seltzer or maybe some good red wine or maybe some good stout. I want all of you to party in whatever way you believe you need to party so you will have fun. Please let's stop with the lies, the conspiracies, the polluting, the bitching, the moaning, the greed, the "it's the other guy who's creating my reality" blues, and get It On, Now. Can you tell I just came from a hell of a Rockabilly Dance party at the High Falls Cafe? You better believe, Pilgrim. I have to stop expounding so forcefully and am going to stop or I'll go on all night. Dream On, Bro's & Sis's. Dream On. Love & Light: Casey

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Watevr Hapend 2 Gud Gramir & Riting Skils?

This Blog came about from a FB poet friend's thread on the so-called or possible death of High School English & Writing Skills. They were discussing that there is a loss of these writing skills which they feel are so important to survive in the world. These students don't know what a comma is or they hate the 'classics' or they write atrociously if they write at all, and find grammar boring.
Is this a sign of impending Doom? Or is it just the sign of a transition to a different type of world, which has always changed and 'evolved' and continues to do so, hopefully with good intention and a slow but steady improvement in its overall condition? Of course, one can perceive the world thru many different tinted lenses? Paranoid. Schizophrenic. Mad Scientist. Religious or Political Fanatic. Cultists. This same thing has happened numerous times before in prior civilations on our planet, and possibly if one has an open mind like the Vatican has recently indicated, on other planets & in other dimensions. It sometimes predicts the disintegration, dissolution of a Civilization, but then again it may be a wondrous harbinger of something new and different. Aren't you glad you are still not living in the world of the Roman Empire, where your trip to the local shop might mean you had to pass scores of crucified 'bad' individuals?
Something exciting is perhaps happening. A New Planet/World is emerging where all can communicate w/all. Technology is a tool, but the leading edges of Quantum Physics helped by the boost they received in the 70's perhaps, covertly, as apparently many physicists consulted her anonymously, from the Jane Roberts/Robert Butts Seth Material and their phenomenal search into the inner ego, dream worlds and the very essence of consciousness, have indicated that "Thoughts are Things" & that we create, as individuals & as societies & nations our Own Realities & that perhaps our children are already beyond the need for formal writing skills and communicate thru their 'hives' of techno-logical devices all of those skills necessary. Spelling is not important in Tweeter or Chat or E-mail or FB. Communication is. I know some of it is atrocious and we have not very 'intelligent' people making fools of themselves, but, they are trying to communicate their feelings & thoughts to others. Even the "Village Idiot" of yore today has a say.
The Universal Language folks dreamed about may be returning, but in a totally different form than realized. Language is a skill of our Mind and its vehicle, the Brain, preprogrammed as if there is a communication of ideas that are beyond letters & alphabet and sentences in written form, which is why very young children can learn a myriad of languages if taught them & think in different ones. Words, Structure & Grammar are just rules of the same but different game to communicate. Spelling is similar. Communication of an idea is what is paramount. Not the structure of a sentence which is different in order from language to language. We don't want our word Love or Peace to be translated as Hate or War.
The Druids of the Celts & the Proto-Celts(for the most part the ancestors of most Americans, at least the current majority) had a geiss against writing things down unless they were already memorized. The reason: A lot of prior Ancient Knowledge was lost & destroyed when the 'books', scrolls, etc., were destroyed. They were not against books or writing which Caesar's Roman troops & the early Catholic church idiots burned whereever found, until luckily St.Patrick had a vision & change of heart & then ordered his Monks to stop burning & to transcribe not only the surviving manuscripts & books but the oral traditions as well. The Druids, who were the educated class of the early Europeans & also the Teachers of Pythagoras & other famous Greeks used Greek letters for mundane writing such as grocery lists & bills of sale, etc. In fact the very term "Leaves" of a book comes from their Tree Alphabet(each letter was also the name of a tree as well as like Hebrew & Greek having a numerical value) of the Druids(a word that means: People of the Oak/Truth/ Their letter 'D' was called Duir(as in Derry)) for the 'Oak' tree from which we get our word Door. The Oak was considered a 'Doorway' to otherworlds & a powerful sentient being, as all trees were. They taught that we were originally educated & possibly related to the spirits of the Trees.) They would take the leaves of different trees and spell out words & chants & lessons by 'stringing' these leaves in their Sacred Groves. Their are still thousands of untranslated manuscripts in Old Irish sitting & collecting dust, alot to do with Natural Science / Magic / Unknown. Any scholars of Old Irish wish to take on such a task of translating? Contact me.
With our technological devices getting smaller & smaller, eventually it will lead to holding something very small in your hand, producing a 3-4 dimensional 'communication' perhaps the current preferred flat slate device, or a smaller tetrahedron, cube, sphere, trapezoid or whatever will produce whatever is needed from your thoughts or stuff to project to others. To, eventually, perhaps nothing at all but a sort of Telepathy where we imagine a holographic device by intoning a certain sound.
The English/American language has become such a predominant becuz it is an Eater of other Languages: German, Celtic(Briton-Welsh, Irish, Scots-Gaelic, Pictish), Danish, Norse, Latin, Norman-Celtic-Frankish "French", Dutch, Spanish, African & Indian Empire languages etc., etc.. Shakespeare(or whoever wrote the plays if not him, Bacon?)invented over 600 words.
Before the printing press writing was the milieu of Scribes & the Elite & powerful. For the rest of the people they only had the Oral Traditions passed down from ages unknown. They had to take the "Readers" reading as the 'Gospel Truth'. What scholars, scientists & religious folks call Myths are real History because they contain the very essence of the emotional, mental knowledge of each particular race,tribe, society, containing more actual knowledge of reality than the so-called written histories, which are much more like our network news, the perhaps skewed perception of one individual.
Oral (and written)Poetry is also a more realistic attempt to communicate 'things' that are beyond our narrow tunnel vision of 10% of our brain capacity & perceptive abilities, to en-lighten us as to our deeper reality, to inform us of the traces or truths our group or Collective(Un&)Consciousness are currently putting forth. They may also hint at or embody more deeper, ancestral knowledge of the true nature of our Creaturehood. Who we are in relation to ourselves, each other, our fellow animals, our plants and minerals, and indeed the very atoms that consistently & continuosly interchange with everything on our Earth, the very source of our 'sense' of being an 'Individual' among 'Many'.
The concept that our Earth is a Living Sentient Being could be explained as a very real 'Possibility' by comparing it by metaphor to our bodies with it's organs and blood and glands and bones and tissue, and so on and so on, miraculously functioning & breathing & talking without us having to make the commands: "Dick See, Jane Shit, Dick Walk, Jane Hear, Dick Digest, Jane Make Baby, Etc." When we want to go to the bathroom, we don't have to fill out endless forms(hopefully) to write out the various bodily commands necessary to make this a possibility, we just walk there as effortlessly as a leaf in the wind.
So, the question is, do we need to be in fear of anything that is going to happen, whether or not you believe you/I/we create our own reality? Suppose, like the "Indestructible" matter of our Atoms & their tiny particle/waves the best possible, most goodly intentional, most appropriate action will be taken because we live not in a "Dog eat Dog(which I've never seen), Survival of the Fittest World that came from some random dead ice ball rock matter that just accidently happened to hit our vulcanic rocking planet hovering around a sun star, all of which also were random accidents that just happened and Presto!, Bingo!, in a few million years stood Humankind in all its glorious Creaturehood?
On the other side of the same coin mindset do we need to believe we were created by an all-powerful God who made us as pre-corrupted, sinful creatures who must undergo pain and torture so that if we are 'lucky' enough to succeed in this game of evil, fear, endless murdering, rapine, greed, and then make it past the Supreme "Satan Devil" and his minions who are possibly more or almost as powerful than this God we believe in because they are watching every move we make and that if we don't listen to what our gurus tell us that the 'Jesus' or 'Christ' figure said, which seems to change according to the sect, cult or religious person is telling us He said, and that if we miss his concert in town or on Sunday that we are condemmed to an eternity of suffering? Is that a nice God?
He creates inferior souls who are born sinful & corrupt & who must play a dangerous, fear-full, temptation loaded game, with wild accidents & catastrophes that happen by a capricious 'Nature', or we forget that we're not supposed to like procreating our own species, or enjoying the things he has also created, and if we are lucky enuff to get thru all of this past Go, without going to Jail or paying a million dollars, we get to go hang out for eternity in someplace called Heaven which no one has ever come back and described? Is it cool, boring, whatever? And the rest of us suckers are just too inferior and have to suffer endlessly.
No, I don't believe that stuff. I'm not exactly sure of what actual Belief System I hold as the spontaneous nature of our free-will, 'safe' universe is still a crap shoot of sorts, but I do believe that we are part of some magnificent "THING", to use the Anglo-Saxon catch-all term that is incredibly beyond any of our wildest imaginations, which is why the Hebrews said you could not utter the name of this "......" because it is indescribable and possibly unknowable to our present consciousnesses. But I feel in the deepest infinite gut of my poetic being that it is a "......" or GodEssence All-That-Is who-which-what has created us and all that exists in a Cosmic Sense of Wondrous & Good & Beneficent Becomingness & we as a Species of Human Creaturehood have barely scratched at the surface of who we truly are. That we are the "EYES" of this "......" on our planet, and that we must trust in the inherent goodness and intention of our beings to create a world of magnificent splendor. I believe we may be coming into some sort of place like that within the next 50-60 years. I believe we are eternal beings of consciousness who have been given the gift of free will to create wondrous environments to dwell in, and if we screw up, we learn our lessons and move on. Yes the Unexpected is before us. The Unknowable is Now, the eternal Spacious Present as the 'personality essence' Seth described thru Jane Roberts. I have No Fear and Boldly look Beyond for the Joys and Adventures to come. May we put aside our Fears and grasp in Splendid Creaturehood together our unimaginable Selves and create a World far surpassing anyone that has ever existed before. "The Present is the Point of Power". NOW.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Was God An Ice Ball Lost In Space?

Never before has Humankind had such a vast perspective of what is going on in the World. Never before has our governments been under such scrutiny. Never before have so many people expressed their beliefs and desires politically & emotionally & sometimes practically. However, Our Perspective of the World, what we "Think of the World" is the most important part of it all. How we view and personify and dream and hope and plan and feel and think about the kind of world we want is more important than any Anchorperson or Bloggers viewpoint. "The results of Fanaticism are out in the open." Never before has the average person been able to see the whole world's events pass by and be able to identify the Warlords & the Empowered Social, Political & Corporate Criminals and be "forced to identify with the policies of his or her government. That in itself is a creative achievement, and means that..." we are not closing our " eyes to the inequities of the World."
This means that We as a species in our Collective (not un)"Consciousness" must program and feel and want and desire for things to improve a hundred-thousand fold, to even surpass the changes in or TO CHANGE OR DEMAND CHANGE or to ride along with our New Technologies. We own this world as a People formed from the very Matter of its Essence, the very Atoms of our Creaturehoods being formed and interchanged on a second to second basis even as you read this. WE ARE LITERALLY ALL CONNECTED ON THE ATOMIC AND SUB-ATOMIC LEVEL. We are all part and parcel of one and the same All-That-Is in its infinitely, spontaneous, creative, dream-rich, value fulfilling roller coaster ride and must take responsibility for the way we think or envision this World as we think it should be.
Our Leaders and Politicians and Dictators represent what we believe are necessary for us to survive. We must and are impelled to, considering the Grand Scale of the Negative treatment of Our Earth, to readjust our Belief Systems both in ourselves and in our Planet to turn the screw the other way. The Turning of the Screw. The altering of our Mindset. We are now in and have now the most incredible possibilities open to us a Species that has never, ever, been in place before in our His/herstory. We need to go beyond envisioning the destruction of our planet, and those who disagree with us.
We need to go beyond our separate 'socio-political-religous(or non) Beliefs to realize that WE ARE THE VERY CREATION OF WHAT WE HAVE CALLED GOD. WE ARE THE EYES AND THE VERY CONSCIOUSNESS OF THIS GOD. You may call it by whatever name you choose or give it whatever sex you want or call it the: "DEAD METEOR ICE BALL STONE THAT HITS EARTH AND FROM THIS DEAD MATTER COMES 'LIVING' AMINO ACID CHAINS THAT PRODUCE PROTEIN AND EVOLVE INTO THE INCREDIBLE BEINGS WE ARE, BUT WE HAVE NO IDEA WHO CREATED THE DEAD MATTER METEOR ICE BALL WITH ITS FROZEN WATER OR WHERE IT CAME FROM, or as I prefer, GodEssence All-That-Is. Gentle People: We are what we think we are. So are we going to start thinking we are great and amazing and creative and will solve all the worlds problems or NOT, not? Let's get our Dead Meteor Ice Ball Selves together!!! Whatya Say? Do I hear a YES? I'm waiting. {quotes available on request}

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pt 1:The True Meaning of Easter/Caisc(Ir.) Pt 2: The True Meaning of Evolution.


Sona An Chaisc !! {Irish for Happy Easter. Happy = Sona. Caisc = Easter. (See for reference:}

To me Easter is Spring, Rebirth, Resurrection, Renewal, Rejuvenation.

Jesus said if we do what He does we can become like Him. Are we doing that?

In any event, we are not dead matter that came out of nothingness(birth) and will evolve into a heaven (death or nothingness) but we will pass into an eternal becomingness that we have always existed in.

These two doors (Door from the Irish Duir/Derry for Oak) or doorways of Life are merely passages. Birth is a Death into Life, moreso than Death. We are eternal beings, Children of GodEssence, which is the True Message of Jesus. We only have to Awake, to Look Within, to find the Kingdom of Heaven. This is not easy, I'll admit. We are thrown into a narrow perspective of perception smaller than most of what our fellow creatures can perceive, but it is a purposeful journey to learn many things about our Soul/Mind/Creaturehood.

Heaven is not a static, boring, Paradise which stays the same for eternity. It is a Metaphor for our God-Given Free Will. A Free Willy, if you choose. It is an ever becoming spontaneous NOW. We are asleep in a sense, most of us, living in our day-to-day lives in this 'camouflage' reality, on our Earth, Lovely Gaia, for learning purposes, so that our Eternal Mind/Soul can experience all possible facets of existence, as if we were or are the Eyes of GodEssence All-That-Is or whatever you choose to call it. We have all chosen to come here. We are all responsible for what happens. There are no 'enemies'. There is no 'evil'.

There are mistakes and stupidity and ignorance and inappropriateness. All of us, down to the smallest particle/wave or unit of consciousness, sub atomic, bottom line basement protophoniphotonicon are eternal creations of something so vast and beyond comprehension that it is almost useless to go there from the tiny portion of the Brain that we have allowed our Mind to use. We all work together to maintain/create the bodies that we perceive we have and the world we have agreed upon visioning. It is the way it is because we all from the smallest to the tallest all agree to work together. You are so lucky that your cells and atoms are smart enough to keep you together, especially after the night before when you got so stupidly drunk or something and wake up still in the same shape of a body you were the day before. Is that some kind of Miracle or what? Oh, I get it. It's called the Law Of ElectroMagnetism. Who made this Law up little own who created it to begin with?

This is not a Rule etched in Stone or Steel, but a contract in a sense, one we have all accepted or agreed to. It is a sort of Cosmic Game in which if we choose, we can go beyond the tiny limits we have set and go for the Big Picture. For Door #3 for instance. Do not limit yourself from any of your education or teachings or possible brainwashing you have received from your own studies or from your parents, your school, your religion, your tribe, your race, your government, your friends or your media.

Unfortunately, many of our brightest have tried to recreate an alternative to the organized religions by sometimes creating organized religions they call by many names. They look back to a past of a Golden Age that did not exist in our own historical times but may have existed in prior civilations beyond our history or dimension. Some of them have become more dogmatic and hate-mongering than the religion they choose to replace. They 'Hate' Christianity, which has indeed a dismal past but tried its best and got us to where we are now. They do indeed throw the baby out with the bathwater, by trying to create new games and rituals partially based on what they believe non-Christians participated in. Some of these are wonderful and joyous. Some are just the same old same old. They make the same mistakes and seek without when they should be seeking within.

If I can paraphrase John Lennon: "We don't need no stinkin' religions." We just need to act like the children of God and Love ourselves and our neighbors. The rest will fall into place as lovely as the facets of a crystal or a diamond.

You have within yourself the Totality of All of Your Existence for you to explore and dream and adventure and create. To be Co-Creators. We have created this Earth and the limitations we put upon our selves. This is Our Project. We cannot blame our God or Goddess or GodEssence(All-That-Is) as I like to call IT for any of Our Decisions or 'mistakes'. Earth and we are the same. We all interchange our atoms and subatomic waves and particles on a continuing non-ending basis of a Nowness that makes us them and them us. This is our Mass Dream(and unfortunately to so many it is a mass nightmare).

Jesus was one of the Major Avatars or Beings or Wisemen or Coaches or Mentors or Gurus or Prophets or whatever term rings your psychic bell, who have tried to explain this to us. At this point don't even try to imagine what our creators' creators' creator etc. could be, because it is too far beyond our Earthly 'infant' Soulmindness, the part that is 'locked' into this 'camouflage' reality of our Universe, with its up & downs and North and Souths. And we haven't even touched on the Goddess part, you know, the "Mother of God". Like "Mother Mary" as I call her (My Jewish Mother Angel) who has gotten me out of some tight spots). Could I go on and on and "Oy Vey" we could talk about the Anima and the Animus, but dats too Jung a subject to discuss at this point since PassOver has passed over.

We are in a sense the Stars, and they are Us. We are the Atoms, and they are Us. How do you think an ordinary housefly with it's kaleidoscopic multi eye angles can travel about when we have but 2 optical openings to our retinas? Can the Fly be more advanced than we? Are we but one facet of this multiple eye we call our Soul/Mind? Do not be afraid of what is within your mind. There are no demons or monsters but fear. The 'Devil' is a creation of this Fear that many of us have projected and this fear gives this 'false' illusion power over us only because we agree to it. There are Phantasm Devils and Phantasm Demons and a Phantasm Satan. The folks who believe in these type of beings are in a sense "Devil Worshippers" because they give power to an illusion, a thought form they have created.

They Fear this "Satan' follows them around & watches their every move like some kind of Cosmic Cop who wants to catch them in a Speed Trap & give them a summons or a sentence to partial time in Purgatory Prison or , God Forbid, in the "Lifer" Zone of a "Life Sentence" to an Eternity in something called Hell. I mean don't you think even these so called 'devils' would get tired of poking & burning you after awhile? Wouldn't they get bored? Would they organize a Union & demand rights from "Satan". Who pays their salary? In fact what does this so-called Satan get out of this whole deal. They say he was once the #1 Angel, the Angel of Light, Lucifer or Light Fire. (Could he be the old Celtic Irish God of Light and Poetry and Creativity called Lugh(Lou)?

Wouldn't these devil demons demand some of the profit or cuts from all their devilmaking from the televangelists and their Fearmongering moneymaking endeavors? Wouldn't they too want to have a "Vacation?" Where would they go? Who would want to take them in? Would they even, perhaps want to be 'Good'? And give up being a stupid Devil or Demon?

Beware of anyone who tries to imbue you with Guilt or Fear or Regret or Anger or Envy. That is someone to avoid and disregard. They are Devil Creators.

But this Fear we talk about, this FEAR that we will end or disappear or become non-existent (Nothing does not & cannot exist as it is contradictory in terms and reality. Something cannot exist that does not exist.) is only our fear that we are not Loved By GodEssence All-That-Is and are unworthy. How can this Entity Creator Being of Absolute Love beyond Imagination create anything that is bad or evil or unworthy? You are allowed to do whatever you want. However, you must also know the rules of the Reality you are in so that you know the consequences of this bottomless free will. On our planet, you cannot get drunk and drive a car. This is one of the rules of our 'game'. On some other planets, or realities, perhaps you are not allowed to drive unless you are 'drunk'.

In any event, this New/Old Frontier called the Mind/Soul is available to each and every one of us no matter where we are or who we be. BUT! Can you have the patience and perserverance to go within your Mind and your Dreams to discover who You are? That is the real question of Easter. Can you rescusitate or Resurrect your Consciousness to its True Nature? Can you find You within yourself? Do you dare to seek and to search? If you do the Way will become known to you. The Time will be given to you. No drugs will be needed.

But there are some who will need to use some sort of chemicals to even cross the threshhold. Do not Judge them. If you choose this way, do not judge yourself. Druids, Shamans. Medicine Men, Priests & Priestesses & Holy Ones have used Sacred Foods & Beverages to kick start their adventure from time beyond time. Whiskey comes from the Irish word for Water, Uisce(pro.: Ush Ka) The alcoholic beverage was a Druidic sacramental beverage used by them, Bards & Poets to loosen the bindings of the Brain. That beverage was called Uisce Beatha(Ush Ka Ba Ha), meaning the Water of Life. But too many have abused these to their own detriment. You can do this without any of these drugs or alcohol or mushrooms or weeds if you choose. You will be the Amazing Explorer of Your Own True Nature. Good Luck Voyagers. And may you truly find your Holy Communion.

Part Two: The True Meaning of Evolution:

As far as evidence for the "Theory" of Evolution, there is absolutely no evidence of any species evolving into a different species. No 'missing link' has ever been found. It is all the speculation of closeminded, misguided, well intentioned, sometimes sad & cynical agnostics & aetheists. There is evidence of a species getting larger or smaller in line with the climate at the time as was recently shown in the limestone cliffs of England. In fact the evidence points to the "Durability" of species, such as the lowly lungfish and the cockroach, which have survived a million years w/out change. There is evidence to support that not always the 'strongest' or 'meanest' survive, but sometimes, the most gentlest, and sometimes most intelligent, weaker species. As far as DNA, it has not changed at all. The only thing that "evolves' is the belief systems of our Mind or Soul. Neo Darwinists belong to the Church of Scientism, a very closed brained, literal minded, naively realistic Religion, the opposite side of the coin of Religious Fundamentalism.

According to the Church of Scientism the world was not created by a God or an Intelligent Designer but "Living' protein chains of amino acids grew out of 'dead' matter that came from a random meteor from space that just coincidentally happened to hit earth at the right time and space. As to who created the dead matter that was on this solo space snowball they do not speak but defer to Cosmology. The very structure of DNA, which they constantly refer to is a 'Design'. The "ToE" is as dogmatic a theory as the Creationists' theories of a literal Bible. Never once has it ever, ever been called the FACT of Evolution. Why? Because according to believers, some theories hold more weight & are more pleasing to their mindset so therefore it is a 'Higher' Theory but a Theory, nevertheless. Only by going within our own consciousness and learning about our own precious eternal Mind/Soul can we ever get at the Truth of the Matter. The Truth is Mind Boggling. But the Truth will set you free.