Sunday, June 12, 2011

Were the Devil Alive Today Would He Work in a Lab Wearing a White Coat

The Devil is indeed a complex conglomerate of a Thought Form created from the many fears our Western Judaeo-Christian-Islamic-Pagan Culture had towards what was considered Irrational & Unpredictable and sculpted from former gods, goddesses, powers and forces that represented this 'dark' side of our nature. It's obvious to me that the development of our particular Western Culture Earth reality had decided en masse to take the road of specialization to the point where only the outer conscious mind is trusted and the 'masculine', rationalist, technological belief system to its extreme to explore what that would entail. That the inner consciousness, the unknown, the intuitive, the feminine, the dark, the very essence of the animal nature and natural instinct that man evolved out of is feared and represented by the dualistic forces of light and darkness, as we in the West have in a sense rejected Nature and our Animae as something to suppress like we suppressed women. It has resulted in a world where Nature is to be feared and vanquished, not seen as part of us. It has resulted in a new Religion, The Church of Scientism, where there is no afterlife, no divinity, no soul and that we were created from dead matter and evolved from Apes.
The Western Church & it's rulers have caused much havoc and horror by their politicalization of spiritual concepts and using them to manipulate Empires. But this Church did not bomb Hiroshima nor firebomb Dresden, nor create the technological nightmares of pollution and greed that has turned also the great experiment of America from a Democracy to a Corpocracy and imperiled the very Earth we live on. At least the Church offered it's believers a heaven or a hell and a direction of sorts to an afterlife. The Church of Scientism is a Church of Death that will "sacrifice the few" for the good of the All and offers no end game other than annihilation. That you only live once so take and do what you can now form of cynicism that offers only the progress of Technology and Materialism & the constantly new forms of toys as the only desirable way of Life. It has resulted in a new Hierarchy of Control, where 1% of the population own the majority of the wealth and the road to a new Feudalism. They revel in all the myriad forms that spiritual consciousness has splintered into with the various 'religious' belief systems that vie for which one is the best belief system, and hence some Neo-Pagans practice the same fury of hatred and ignorance of Christianity that they rejected in the Negative aspects of the Church when they left it. Instead of seeing the same practices & traditions in Christianity in the numerous saints and scholars and monks, they look to the Eastern versions of the same practices, or look back to some pseudo pre-Christian Golden Age.
I wonder how things would have turned out if the the political machine of the Roman church had lost out to the older Celtic Church, and its amalgam of the Pre-Christian European Druids who were open to any and all knowledge and wisdom with the original teachings of the Avatar Jeshua that we are all equal, can create our own reality, are part of God, should love ourselves first & then our neighbors the same, in which Women and Nature were not feared, and the old gods and goddesses were treated with respect, and granted their space and festivals had won out in the spiritual battle between the Celts and the Romans over who would retain control of these two new forms of how the Christ was interpreted. Unfortunately, the Roman Church with its purposely deceptive and revised history of Jesus, doctrines and falsifications and destruction of the true nature of what the Christ taught, won out and has in a sense caused such a vast rejection when its tenets and dogma and behaviour was proved to be false and oppressive, it has resulted in a sense with this new Church of Scientism, the new dominant power of belief, where Dead Matter is their god(That ice ball meteor rock that hit our vulcanizing earth eventually resulting in the 'soup of life'), technology for technology's sake is their practice, Darwin is their Prophet and the commandment that "the end justifies the means". If their is a real Devil, he would be wearing a white coat in some research laboratory, torturing animals to see what effect the theories of Eugenics and Geo-Engineering would have on them purposely distorted to make this world a safer place for the 1% who will build their shelters to survive what they have unleashed upon our world. Fortunately, there are many of us who will not fall for this new idealogy of death, despair and destruction and are doing our best to enlighten people to a more positive and hopeful way of being and thinking, so that we will prevent these sad and despairing dogmatics from their mad, greedy path towards destruction, and manipulating its people into a new serfdom, to creating a safer and better world for us and our descendants.

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