Friday, May 6, 2011


Was God An Ice Ball Lost In Space?

Never before has Humankind had such a vast perspective of what is going on in the World. Never before has our governments been under such scrutiny. Never before have so many people expressed their beliefs and desires politically & emotionally & sometimes practically. However, Our Perspective of the World, what we "Think of the World" is the most important part of it all. How we view and personify and dream and hope and plan and feel and think about the kind of world we want is more important than any Anchorperson or Bloggers viewpoint. "The results of Fanaticism are out in the open." Never before has the average person been able to see the whole world's events pass by and be able to identify the Warlords & the Empowered Social, Political & Corporate Criminals and be "forced to identify with the policies of his or her government. That in itself is a creative achievement, and means that..." we are not closing our " eyes to the inequities of the World."
This means that We as a species in our Collective (not un)"Consciousness" must program and feel and want and desire for things to improve a hundred-thousand fold, to even surpass the changes in or TO CHANGE OR DEMAND CHANGE or to ride along with our New Technologies. We own this world as a People formed from the very Matter of its Essence, the very Atoms of our Creaturehoods being formed and interchanged on a second to second basis even as you read this. WE ARE LITERALLY ALL CONNECTED ON THE ATOMIC AND SUB-ATOMIC LEVEL. We are all part and parcel of one and the same All-That-Is in its infinitely, spontaneous, creative, dream-rich, value fulfilling roller coaster ride and must take responsibility for the way we think or envision this World as we think it should be.
Our Leaders and Politicians and Dictators represent what we believe are necessary for us to survive. We must and are impelled to, considering the Grand Scale of the Negative treatment of Our Earth, to readjust our Belief Systems both in ourselves and in our Planet to turn the screw the other way. The Turning of the Screw. The altering of our Mindset. We are now in and have now the most incredible possibilities open to us a Species that has never, ever, been in place before in our His/herstory. We need to go beyond envisioning the destruction of our planet, and those who disagree with us.
We need to go beyond our separate 'socio-political-religous(or non) Beliefs to realize that WE ARE THE VERY CREATION OF WHAT WE HAVE CALLED GOD. WE ARE THE EYES AND THE VERY CONSCIOUSNESS OF THIS GOD. You may call it by whatever name you choose or give it whatever sex you want or call it the: "DEAD METEOR ICE BALL STONE THAT HITS EARTH AND FROM THIS DEAD MATTER COMES 'LIVING' AMINO ACID CHAINS THAT PRODUCE PROTEIN AND EVOLVE INTO THE INCREDIBLE BEINGS WE ARE, BUT WE HAVE NO IDEA WHO CREATED THE DEAD MATTER METEOR ICE BALL WITH ITS FROZEN WATER OR WHERE IT CAME FROM, or as I prefer, GodEssence All-That-Is. Gentle People: We are what we think we are. So are we going to start thinking we are great and amazing and creative and will solve all the worlds problems or NOT, not? Let's get our Dead Meteor Ice Ball Selves together!!! Whatya Say? Do I hear a YES? I'm waiting. {quotes available on request}

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