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Pt 1:The True Meaning of Easter/Caisc(Ir.) Pt 2: The True Meaning of Evolution.


Sona An Chaisc !! {Irish for Happy Easter. Happy = Sona. Caisc = Easter. (See for reference:}

To me Easter is Spring, Rebirth, Resurrection, Renewal, Rejuvenation.

Jesus said if we do what He does we can become like Him. Are we doing that?

In any event, we are not dead matter that came out of nothingness(birth) and will evolve into a heaven (death or nothingness) but we will pass into an eternal becomingness that we have always existed in.

These two doors (Door from the Irish Duir/Derry for Oak) or doorways of Life are merely passages. Birth is a Death into Life, moreso than Death. We are eternal beings, Children of GodEssence, which is the True Message of Jesus. We only have to Awake, to Look Within, to find the Kingdom of Heaven. This is not easy, I'll admit. We are thrown into a narrow perspective of perception smaller than most of what our fellow creatures can perceive, but it is a purposeful journey to learn many things about our Soul/Mind/Creaturehood.

Heaven is not a static, boring, Paradise which stays the same for eternity. It is a Metaphor for our God-Given Free Will. A Free Willy, if you choose. It is an ever becoming spontaneous NOW. We are asleep in a sense, most of us, living in our day-to-day lives in this 'camouflage' reality, on our Earth, Lovely Gaia, for learning purposes, so that our Eternal Mind/Soul can experience all possible facets of existence, as if we were or are the Eyes of GodEssence All-That-Is or whatever you choose to call it. We have all chosen to come here. We are all responsible for what happens. There are no 'enemies'. There is no 'evil'.

There are mistakes and stupidity and ignorance and inappropriateness. All of us, down to the smallest particle/wave or unit of consciousness, sub atomic, bottom line basement protophoniphotonicon are eternal creations of something so vast and beyond comprehension that it is almost useless to go there from the tiny portion of the Brain that we have allowed our Mind to use. We all work together to maintain/create the bodies that we perceive we have and the world we have agreed upon visioning. It is the way it is because we all from the smallest to the tallest all agree to work together. You are so lucky that your cells and atoms are smart enough to keep you together, especially after the night before when you got so stupidly drunk or something and wake up still in the same shape of a body you were the day before. Is that some kind of Miracle or what? Oh, I get it. It's called the Law Of ElectroMagnetism. Who made this Law up little own who created it to begin with?

This is not a Rule etched in Stone or Steel, but a contract in a sense, one we have all accepted or agreed to. It is a sort of Cosmic Game in which if we choose, we can go beyond the tiny limits we have set and go for the Big Picture. For Door #3 for instance. Do not limit yourself from any of your education or teachings or possible brainwashing you have received from your own studies or from your parents, your school, your religion, your tribe, your race, your government, your friends or your media.

Unfortunately, many of our brightest have tried to recreate an alternative to the organized religions by sometimes creating organized religions they call by many names. They look back to a past of a Golden Age that did not exist in our own historical times but may have existed in prior civilations beyond our history or dimension. Some of them have become more dogmatic and hate-mongering than the religion they choose to replace. They 'Hate' Christianity, which has indeed a dismal past but tried its best and got us to where we are now. They do indeed throw the baby out with the bathwater, by trying to create new games and rituals partially based on what they believe non-Christians participated in. Some of these are wonderful and joyous. Some are just the same old same old. They make the same mistakes and seek without when they should be seeking within.

If I can paraphrase John Lennon: "We don't need no stinkin' religions." We just need to act like the children of God and Love ourselves and our neighbors. The rest will fall into place as lovely as the facets of a crystal or a diamond.

You have within yourself the Totality of All of Your Existence for you to explore and dream and adventure and create. To be Co-Creators. We have created this Earth and the limitations we put upon our selves. This is Our Project. We cannot blame our God or Goddess or GodEssence(All-That-Is) as I like to call IT for any of Our Decisions or 'mistakes'. Earth and we are the same. We all interchange our atoms and subatomic waves and particles on a continuing non-ending basis of a Nowness that makes us them and them us. This is our Mass Dream(and unfortunately to so many it is a mass nightmare).

Jesus was one of the Major Avatars or Beings or Wisemen or Coaches or Mentors or Gurus or Prophets or whatever term rings your psychic bell, who have tried to explain this to us. At this point don't even try to imagine what our creators' creators' creator etc. could be, because it is too far beyond our Earthly 'infant' Soulmindness, the part that is 'locked' into this 'camouflage' reality of our Universe, with its up & downs and North and Souths. And we haven't even touched on the Goddess part, you know, the "Mother of God". Like "Mother Mary" as I call her (My Jewish Mother Angel) who has gotten me out of some tight spots). Could I go on and on and "Oy Vey" we could talk about the Anima and the Animus, but dats too Jung a subject to discuss at this point since PassOver has passed over.

We are in a sense the Stars, and they are Us. We are the Atoms, and they are Us. How do you think an ordinary housefly with it's kaleidoscopic multi eye angles can travel about when we have but 2 optical openings to our retinas? Can the Fly be more advanced than we? Are we but one facet of this multiple eye we call our Soul/Mind? Do not be afraid of what is within your mind. There are no demons or monsters but fear. The 'Devil' is a creation of this Fear that many of us have projected and this fear gives this 'false' illusion power over us only because we agree to it. There are Phantasm Devils and Phantasm Demons and a Phantasm Satan. The folks who believe in these type of beings are in a sense "Devil Worshippers" because they give power to an illusion, a thought form they have created.

They Fear this "Satan' follows them around & watches their every move like some kind of Cosmic Cop who wants to catch them in a Speed Trap & give them a summons or a sentence to partial time in Purgatory Prison or , God Forbid, in the "Lifer" Zone of a "Life Sentence" to an Eternity in something called Hell. I mean don't you think even these so called 'devils' would get tired of poking & burning you after awhile? Wouldn't they get bored? Would they organize a Union & demand rights from "Satan". Who pays their salary? In fact what does this so-called Satan get out of this whole deal. They say he was once the #1 Angel, the Angel of Light, Lucifer or Light Fire. (Could he be the old Celtic Irish God of Light and Poetry and Creativity called Lugh(Lou)?

Wouldn't these devil demons demand some of the profit or cuts from all their devilmaking from the televangelists and their Fearmongering moneymaking endeavors? Wouldn't they too want to have a "Vacation?" Where would they go? Who would want to take them in? Would they even, perhaps want to be 'Good'? And give up being a stupid Devil or Demon?

Beware of anyone who tries to imbue you with Guilt or Fear or Regret or Anger or Envy. That is someone to avoid and disregard. They are Devil Creators.

But this Fear we talk about, this FEAR that we will end or disappear or become non-existent (Nothing does not & cannot exist as it is contradictory in terms and reality. Something cannot exist that does not exist.) is only our fear that we are not Loved By GodEssence All-That-Is and are unworthy. How can this Entity Creator Being of Absolute Love beyond Imagination create anything that is bad or evil or unworthy? You are allowed to do whatever you want. However, you must also know the rules of the Reality you are in so that you know the consequences of this bottomless free will. On our planet, you cannot get drunk and drive a car. This is one of the rules of our 'game'. On some other planets, or realities, perhaps you are not allowed to drive unless you are 'drunk'.

In any event, this New/Old Frontier called the Mind/Soul is available to each and every one of us no matter where we are or who we be. BUT! Can you have the patience and perserverance to go within your Mind and your Dreams to discover who You are? That is the real question of Easter. Can you rescusitate or Resurrect your Consciousness to its True Nature? Can you find You within yourself? Do you dare to seek and to search? If you do the Way will become known to you. The Time will be given to you. No drugs will be needed.

But there are some who will need to use some sort of chemicals to even cross the threshhold. Do not Judge them. If you choose this way, do not judge yourself. Druids, Shamans. Medicine Men, Priests & Priestesses & Holy Ones have used Sacred Foods & Beverages to kick start their adventure from time beyond time. Whiskey comes from the Irish word for Water, Uisce(pro.: Ush Ka) The alcoholic beverage was a Druidic sacramental beverage used by them, Bards & Poets to loosen the bindings of the Brain. That beverage was called Uisce Beatha(Ush Ka Ba Ha), meaning the Water of Life. But too many have abused these to their own detriment. You can do this without any of these drugs or alcohol or mushrooms or weeds if you choose. You will be the Amazing Explorer of Your Own True Nature. Good Luck Voyagers. And may you truly find your Holy Communion.

Part Two: The True Meaning of Evolution:

As far as evidence for the "Theory" of Evolution, there is absolutely no evidence of any species evolving into a different species. No 'missing link' has ever been found. It is all the speculation of closeminded, misguided, well intentioned, sometimes sad & cynical agnostics & aetheists. There is evidence of a species getting larger or smaller in line with the climate at the time as was recently shown in the limestone cliffs of England. In fact the evidence points to the "Durability" of species, such as the lowly lungfish and the cockroach, which have survived a million years w/out change. There is evidence to support that not always the 'strongest' or 'meanest' survive, but sometimes, the most gentlest, and sometimes most intelligent, weaker species. As far as DNA, it has not changed at all. The only thing that "evolves' is the belief systems of our Mind or Soul. Neo Darwinists belong to the Church of Scientism, a very closed brained, literal minded, naively realistic Religion, the opposite side of the coin of Religious Fundamentalism.

According to the Church of Scientism the world was not created by a God or an Intelligent Designer but "Living' protein chains of amino acids grew out of 'dead' matter that came from a random meteor from space that just coincidentally happened to hit earth at the right time and space. As to who created the dead matter that was on this solo space snowball they do not speak but defer to Cosmology. The very structure of DNA, which they constantly refer to is a 'Design'. The "ToE" is as dogmatic a theory as the Creationists' theories of a literal Bible. Never once has it ever, ever been called the FACT of Evolution. Why? Because according to believers, some theories hold more weight & are more pleasing to their mindset so therefore it is a 'Higher' Theory but a Theory, nevertheless. Only by going within our own consciousness and learning about our own precious eternal Mind/Soul can we ever get at the Truth of the Matter. The Truth is Mind Boggling. But the Truth will set you free.

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