Thursday, April 21, 2011


In A Dream Today I was asked to Give this to my Facebook Friends: "Be not afraid. Find a quiet place & breathe soft. Take your Time. If there are noises tell yourself that these will help to relax You. Breathe thru your Nose slow & deep as if you were a sleeping child. Go forth and enter into your own Mind. Look within the dark fabrics of your vision with your eyes closed. Relax. Light or Lights may appear or may not. Colors. Tiny Stars. Or deep dark rich Ebon, the Womb of Thought. Soon you will see or sense a beautiful forest. You are in the Safest place in Existence. Walk across the Green Meadow towards the Forest. There is a path. This is Your Path, no one elses. Follow the Path. Soon You will see a Wall of Stone & Green Ivy with a Magic Gate carved ornately with Gemstones and Polished Gold & Silver handles. Each one is different in design though some may look similar to ones of Others You know. This is your Gate. No one else. Do not be afraid. There may be Guardians on either side of the Gate to Protect the Entrance if You feel the need. These may be your Special Creatures who love You unconditionally. Open the Gate. Step within & close the Gate. Beyond You will be a wondrous structure which is the Palace or Citadel or Mansion or Lovely Home or Wee Small Cottage of your Soul. The Place You see will vary from Soul to Soul, as each of us have Our Own Unique Individuality. You will see this Place as a Vision that makes You Very Glad and Calm and Joyful. You feel you are Home. Your own Special Home reserved for you only. Within this there are many Amazing Rooms and Incredible Things and Visions of Fabulous Curiosity that you have garnered in Your Eternity of Timelessness as a Child of All-That-Is, as a Never-Ending Part of the Most High, the Eternal Now, the very Atoms that the Infinite Divinity, even now continues to Create thru You, the Perfect Child. You may or may not see someone who will Usher you thru the most Incredible Door. If you do it is the Entity you trust the Most. For some there may be Guardians on either side of the Door who protect It. You enter within. You will find Yourself in the Most Magnificent Place of Your Amazing Imagination, the Magic Paintbrush of Your Mind that constantly recreates you every instant as the beautiful Atoms of Millions of Consciousness Beings change and move thru Creation, making All of Us part of All of Us and Everything-There-Is. There is no nothingness. Nothing cannot exist. The closest to it is the pause between your inbreath and your outbreath, but this is a Mechanism of Creation. The Blink of an Eye. You are Gifted with a Free Will. This makes for an endless variation that never ends. In Your Domain there are endless rooms You can explore. But Now You will look for the Stairway. It may be in any direction. Go to and Take the Stairway thru this Amazing Splendor. It will take you to The Temple of Your Book. When you arrive at the top of the Stairway You will see the Light or Lights shining thru an EnTrance Way. Walk within. This is Your Space & will be unique to You. There you will find your Soul Book. It will look exactly as You have Imagined it to Be. It is only a Book, for you have all that it contains within You Now, but because of the Limitations we have chosen on our Planet, It will contain All the Answers You will ever Need or Want. It is a Gift from the Indescribable Eternal Existence Who has Created You. Some may or may not find a Librarian who will explain the nature of the Book & how to use it. Now You may ask questions and the Book will automatically open to give You the answer or answers You desire. You can spend as much Time and Space as You wish to do this, or are alloted to do so by the circumstances of Your present life. You may retrace Your steps or instantly return to Your Now, as You wish and circumstances demand. You have found the very Center of Your Souls Knowledge. You may return at anytime You choose. You may also explore the many other rooms Your Place contains. A good suggestion is to record what has happened on a device or simply take a pen or pencil and a Special Pad. I hope You have enjoyed Your Journey. I was Promised in My Dream that most of You will. Some will be too busy, and some will be afraid. Print this out & keep it for a time when You are ready, or print it for a reminder. it is FREE. We Are Free! We will soon free Our World from the Stupidity of Our Learning Processes. Do Not Hate Anyone or Anything Involved with anything or any venture that you do not like or fear or disagree with. It is all a part of a Grand Design, A Play, so to speak. We will Will our World to overcome all Our differences and Problems. Love All That Is. We interchange our Atoms with Everything that exists on this Planet in this Plane and Time every millisecond. Our Atoms are part of All the Atoms in Our entire World. THERE IS NO CHOICE. WE ALL ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. LOVE NOW or later. Thank You. James Patrick Casey. Not CopyWrighted. May be stolen or exchanged for FREE!
Sorry, I don't have time right now to do this as an audio but I could.

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