Saturday, April 9, 2011

Particles and Waves, Bodies and Souls, Awake and Dreaming

This is an excerpt from Jane Roberts "The Unknown Reality, Vol II, Session 722, par. 15-20, in which her alternate personality, Seth speaks:

"..Many of these invisible particles(CU's: {'Consciousness Units millions of which make up our atoms & electrons, etc.' ed. note}) can be in more than one place at a time -- a fact that quite confounds the physically tuned brain perceiving a world in which objects stay where they are supposed to be.
Basically, however, each "appearance" of such a particle is a self-version, for it is altered to some extent by its "location". So can the human self appear in several places at once, each such appearance subtly altering the "human" particle, so that each appearance is a version of an "original" self that as(underlined) itself never appears in those terms("original self" or "source self" ed. note). When you look at an electron--figuratively speaking--you are observing a trace or a track of something else entirely, and that appearance is termed an electron. So the self that you know is a physical trace or intrusion into space and time of an "original" self that never appears. In a way, then you are as ghostly as an electron.
The unknown self, the "original self," straddles(underlined) realities, dipping in and out of them in different creative versions of itself, taking on the properties of the system in which it appears, and the characteristics native to that environment. Waves and particles are versions of other kinds of behavior taken by energy. Using that analogy, you flow in wavelike fashion into the physical particleized versions that you call corporeal existences.
Give us a moment...I am putting this as simply as possible; but when your "original self" enters(part of) itself into three-dimensional life from an inner reality, the energy waves carrying it break--not simply into one particle, following our analogy, but into a number of conscious particles. In certain terms these are built up using the medium at hand--the biological properties of the earth. They spread out from the "point of contact" forming individual lives. In your conception of the centuries, then, there are other counterparts of yourself living at the same time and in different places--all creative versions of the original self. There is a great intimate cooperation that exists biologically and spiritually between all of the beings on your planet "at any given time." You are all connected psychically in terms of inner and outer structures. A certain cohesiveness is also maintained because of these inner connections.
There are psychic structures quite as effective as physical ones, and these underlie the reality of your objective world. They merge together beautifuly to form an inner picture of the world at any given "time," even while that picture is ever changing. In greater terms, the picture of your world at any given time can be compared to the position, behavior, and characteristics of an invisible particle as it is "caught" intruding into your reality.
Your dream adventures, however exciting remain "invisible" from your waking standpoint. Within dreams space and time expand, again, as I have mentioned(earlier "Seth" discussed that space and time are naturally fluid during dreams, i.e., place, past present & future intermix w/o any consciousness problem on the dreamers part. ed. note), but in a way that you cannot physically pinpoint. Your own exterior space exists in precisely the same manner from the standpoint of 'any other reality' (last 3 words underlined. ed. note) (emphatically). For that matter, you yourself are so richly creative that your own thoughts give birth to other quite legitimate systems of which you (waking self/us. ed. note) have no knowledge......." [This text is subject to copywright laws in regard to the estates of Jane Roberts & Robert Butts.]

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