Sunday, April 17, 2011



I’m a three time loser and I ain’t gonna lie,
I saw my women three different times.
Smiling & holdin’ hands with an other guy.(poss. chorus)

I can’t blame time I can’t blame space,
I can’t blame the circumstances,
Can’t blame the human race.

A three time loser with three time loser blues,
I wouldna done anything different if I could,
And I was the last person to know the news.

I did I think the best I could’ve done,
It just wasn’t meant to last or be,
And I don’t think anyone lost or won.

Seemed they liked me at first down to the core,
Then they tried to change me to someone else,
So when I finally changed they gave me the door.

The bottom of the ninth a man on every base,
I stood at home at bat, three & two, two outs,
Umpire said: “Strike out, homer, doesn’t matta Case.

I’m a three time loser and I ain’t gonna lie,
I saw the sparkle in my childrens eyes,
As the ball came flying against the azure sky.

So I stared at the stands we were three runs down,
My team & fans were screamin’: “Mighty Casey!”
I swung my bat hard with a smile & not a frown.

James Patrick Casey 4/17/2011 Stone Ridge New York 7:33 p.m

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